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03-16-07, 02:05 pm
I got the supplies today at target, but im waiting for the coroplast to come in because the sign shop had to order it. So far, I've got everything together and zip-tied. It's going to be a 2x4 with a 1x2 upper deck, with a 1x2 carpeted ramp :D .

03-16-07, 02:34 pm
That looks great so far! However, being picky, a couple of things...

Have you cable/zip tied the grids top and bottom? There are a couple of grids looking like they just got tied at one end. For maximum stability, you want them tied at both ends.

Your ramp looks super and wide. I am wary of ramps without sides, just incase of falls. I haven't seen a full grid width ramp before, the ramp I use is made with bent grids, and the carpet overlaps by lots to make high sides. Maybe you are planning on high coroplast sides? Just another niggle - if you zip tie the ramp to the side of the cage, it will be good and unshakable - but it will be difficult to get under for cleaning. I have used a bent paperclip to hold the ramp in place, and it lifts up like a drawbridge, clipped to the top grid of the base level for access and cleaning.

Really don't mean to pick on minor details, as the cage is looking great! Superb job!

03-16-07, 09:20 pm
Thanks! I ended up taking off the ramp, and used the upper level as a storage place for food, carefresh, etc, as i didn't have enought coroplast to finish the upper level, i will post pictures soon!

03-17-07, 12:50 pm
First picture- the front of the cage. Her water bottle, food dish, and roll the hay are up towards this end of the cage, along with her chube. In the back you can also see her igloo, which im going to have my dad cut today :D , and her hammoc, which she doesn't use, but sleeps under lol . On the top is storage.
Second picture- the side view. Yes, thats blue paint from when i tried to paint the walls when i was 6... :o SHHHHH!

03-17-07, 02:06 pm
Knowing how much my pigs love their upper level, racing up and down the ramp (great exercise!), I wonder if you could still include a ramp and upper level? It looks like you'r only a tiny bit missing on coroplast - just the front lip? Using fleece, you could line the loft, and either tuck the fleece under the corpolast, or bring it up the front a few grids, and clip it onto the grids. Worth a shot?

03-17-07, 02:19 pm
The only thing i would need for that, would be to go to target and get a small rug for the ramp, and have my dad help me make the curved ramp. I will also need alot of duct tape to tape together the few pieces of coroplast together to make the front lip, and i will also need to get a fleece blanket for the lining up top. I have already used my allowance this week, so i guess next weekend or over spring break that could be a project. Thanks!

03-17-07, 04:53 pm
Here's a short video of her current cage layout. The first part is of her hiding from the digital camera lol, and the spots where the carefresh is pushed over and the newspaper is showing is where she screeches to a halt when shes running around! P1010239.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f375/kenny4991/?action=view&current=P1010239.flv)