View Full Version : How much hay?

Ruthies owner
09-28-04, 01:06 pm
On my Timothy Hay-Kob bag it says to give them half a handful a day - according to the animals size but in all the pictures on this site theres much more. How much should a adult female peruvian get?

09-28-04, 01:14 pm
Half a handful?!?!?!?! That is definitely not enough! Your guinea pig should always have access to hay, unlimited amount. There should always be hay in the cage.

09-28-04, 04:36 pm
Ack! That is not enough. You should be giving a generous amount of hay, unlimited, daily. The piggers not only eat it, they play in it and hide in it. Mine would be wheeking in anger if I only gave them half a handful LOL

09-28-04, 08:20 pm
yuppers, unlimited hay, the piggers need it for their digestive system.

10-08-04, 08:11 pm
Forget Kaytee! They stink, giving people bad advice. Give them a whole kleenex box stuffed full! www.kmshayloft.com (http://www.kmshayloft.com) sells the cheapest, freshest, bulk, greenest, non-pet-store hay there is!!! =) Good luck! Kaytee hay is gross compared to kleenmama's.

10-08-04, 11:51 pm
i thought you said a handful, and i was like, hey thats not enough! then i read that it was HALF a handful. can you say shocked? i have a gird bent into a wide u shape, and it will be stuffed completely with hay, in addition to a ghrocery sack which will be stuffed with hay. plus, i imagine i will have to keep replenishing it throughout the day.

10-09-04, 04:50 am
put some hay in your piggies sleeping area and she will LOVE your for it..^^