View Full Version : Tents and sleeping bags from Build-A-Bear

03-10-07, 04:00 pm
You can get some really sweet stuff for your pig at Build-A-Bear.I havn't got any of their stuff but they sell little sleeping bags and tents for 8 pounds each. I have just searched on google for 'bear furniture' and it has come up with some really good links in America and UK. Hope i helped.

03-11-07, 06:49 pm
I bought one of their 'dog' beds. It is a perfect size for the cage. I do put a waterproof lap pad in it as they are made for stuffed animals that won't pee in them!! Ha Ha

03-12-07, 11:18 am
I have that dog bed, too! Trixie has it in his cage since he's alone and I spoil him more. ;)

03-12-07, 02:00 pm
Build-A-Bear Workshop-United Kingdom: Browse Category (http://www.buildabear.co.uk/shop/browsecategory.aspx?CallingPage=BrowseCategory&Category=camping)

I'd have a good look at the tent before buying, as jdomans says, the stuff's not made for pets, so wouldn't like to chance an injury...