View Full Version : Grids inside coroplast

03-09-07, 01:31 pm
In a C&C cage, can you put the grids inside the coroplast? What will happend if I do this? Also, are Teddy guinea pigs very common? Thanks

03-09-07, 01:36 pm
There is nothing to stop you putting the grids inside the coroplast, though there's certainly no advantage in doing so. If they are on the inside, they get bedding and poop and bits of food etc trapped in them - which isn't hygenically recommended. There is also the possibility that a piggy might get a nail/toe/foot trapped between a grid and coroplast.

03-09-07, 05:43 pm
Many people do put the grids on the inside because their pigs are coroplate biters. But I think a better solution would be to put binder covers over it all. Coroplast inside the cage is the better choice in my opinion. Teddies arn't necissarily 'rare'. The most common breed would be American(or, depending on where you live, a short-haired breed). But the Teddy is gaining popularity. I personally would love to have a teddy but I have three americans that I love. :D

03-09-07, 09:50 pm
I tried having the grids inside the coroplast, but it was a big mess. With the coroplast being on the inside, all I have to do to clean my cage is scoop the litter out with a dust pan. When the grids were on the inside I had to actually lift the cage up off the base to clean it, because so much wet bedding and poop would get between the grids and coroplast. Lifting the cage out of the base would create a huge mess in the floor as well.
I don't know of anything harmful about building your cage this way, but I think you would hate the grids on the inside within 1 or 2 cleanings... big pain in the backside that it is.