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03-08-07, 08:33 pm
This may be a stupid question, but I have a 2x5 cage with grids put together. I am adding the coroplast tomorrow hopefully. I only have 1 guinea pig right now but am adopting another shortly. The 2x5 looks pretty large, I don't have space for any larger. Would it be silly to downsize to 2x4? It just looks so large. I put her in the grids just to see how she liked it. She keeps trying to chew on the wires to get to her smaller(2x3) cage that was just temporary. I even put food & such in there to see what she thought. So what do you all think? Am I being ridiculous?

03-08-07, 08:34 pm
I think its fine. The bigger the better. Maybe once you get her a friend she'll feel more relaxed.

Slave to the Wheek
03-08-07, 11:38 pm
You will need that extra space - believe me. I have 2 pigs in a 3x4 and I can't imagine it any smaller. Is you pig full grown? 2 full grown pigs poop a heck of a lot in one day and need lots of room to spread the fun..

I HIGHLY recommend filling the cage with as many tunnels, chubes, boxes with doors, hideys, hammocks..whatever you can some up with. Make it so that she can go from one to the other in a long relay. That is my boys MOST favorite activity. Each day I re-arrange it and they get so excited that they make a piggy train and run through it all while I"m doing it. Here is a pic to give you some ideas:

I'm always finding different boxes, and bending grids etc to provide them with what they need to "take cover". Remember, guinea pigs can't really relax and act like their cute little selves unless they know they have some place to "duck and run" should the "Great Human" show up! Don't worry about them not getting tame.

True tameness from guinea pigs comes from many months of hand-feeding without bribing. My boys know I will never pick them up unless I first warn them. So, they let me reach in an pet their nose or scritch their ears. They only run when I'm going to pick them up. They know this because I always say, "Come On" 3 times before I pick them up. Then they run for a few seconds, until they remember that they ALWAYS get their carrot when I pick them up, and NEVER if I don't. It's been a year, and I wouldn't say they are "tame" like a dog, but for a guinea pig, they are pretty tame and we even talk to each other in guinealingo.

If you put a guinea pig in the middle of a large space with just one hidey, they will sit in that hidey until the humans leave the room. If you put lots of hideys they will be much braver and explore and excercise while you are there -eventually.

Hope that helps..

03-08-07, 11:40 pm
Yes I agree, once you get rid of her old cage she will forget all about it and love her new one even more. ^^ Thats exactly what happened to my two first cavies, they were sharing a pet store cage that was about a 2x1.5(amazingly they wern't fighting. 0_0) and then I moved them into a bigger yet still small 2x3 and they tried to get back to the smaller one at first but after a few days in the new one they were fine. Also maybe she isn't comfy on the stuff you have her on before you get your coroplast? Trust me, the bigger the better! They will love you for it.

Slave to the Wheek
03-08-07, 11:44 pm
oh..I almost forgot...that first picture is when my boys were just babies. Now they are almost triple that size.

In addition, with that extra space you can also give her a nice big haybox that she can play in and hang out! Here are my boys when they were half grown....

03-09-07, 08:18 am
Thanks everyone. I will keep the larger size then. I was even thinking of doing a 2nd story. ? Ideas keep popping in my head. She does like hidey things. Most of the day I leave her cage wide open with boxes, blankets, food, etc. outside. She does go out & check things out. I was really tickled when she did that the first time. I thought, wow she getting used to us!

Even in her current cage she walks around to eat, etc. without hiding while we are watching. She just watches us too. She does do her share of hiding & burying too though. It is cute when she buries around under her blanket. SHe moves it all around the cage with her under it.

At floor time though, even if she is farther away from her cage, she will walk back to get closer to it, even if she doesn't go in. She jumps in then makes the happy sounds as she's checking things out.

I'm happy she seems happy.

03-09-07, 10:30 pm
Hello. I just thought I'd share pictures of the new cage all set up & a few of Nacho Cheese. She seems to love it now, right away. I don't have the lid on yet nor are all of her things in the cage in these pictures.

The cage:

Another cage picture:

Nacho in a box:

Computer made painting of Nacho:

Last but not least, Nacho having some salad:

03-10-07, 11:08 pm
Slave to the Wheek,
I did bend a leftover grid as a tunnel in addition to boxes, etc. She loves it! Thanks for the idea! Oh, your boys are very cute! They do look so little in that hay.