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03-03-07, 06:32 pm
Well, here is my first question to all the wise cavy slaves on here! I built my girls a ramp and a second story 1x1 loft on top of their 2x2 cage (it will get bigger, check my profile for details!). The problem is they won't use the ramp! I don't know if they're afraid of if it's too steep, etc. We've tried luring them up with food and treats, setting them up there, and doing all kinds of things. They'll come down the ramp just fine, but will not crawl up it more than a few baby steps. How can I show the girls that it's okay to go up and have a rest up top? Attached are two pictures of the cage/ramp so you can see! Thanks in advance for any advice!

03-03-07, 06:43 pm
Sometimes it takes awhile for pigs to get used to new things, especially ramps. I don't think your ramp looks very steep, since you have it in two "pieces". At first mine wouldn't use the ramp either. Put some veggies on the flat bit of the ramp, and then some more in the actual loft. Just leave them there. I couldn't get mine to use their new ramp, so I left some veggies on the top hoping curiousity would get the best of them. It did! I came back twenty minutes later and they were up in the loft, and were no longer afraid to use the ramp. Try leaving veggies in the loft and then going back in the room in a little while. Good luck!

03-04-07, 01:57 pm
I think your problem is traction. You need to put something on the ramp to help them get up and down easier and see if that helps.

03-04-07, 02:06 pm
Yup - I was going to suggest a grippier surface. Also, I suggest making sides for the ramp, your piggies might have vertigo! lol

But even if not, they will feel more secure, and therefore more likely to go up their ramp. Leaving a trail of grass or parsley once the sides are up is a dead cert! (and in the unlikely event that it doesn't - you could try a temporary covering (an old towel or something - to cover it completely, and make a tunnel. Traction and tunnel - totally!

03-04-07, 02:10 pm
The popsicle sticks were supposed to provide traction, but I could see how it may not help too much considering there is only one layer and they're young,and their feet aren't as large as may be required. I'll try a few things and see what happens.

Thanks for all the suggestions, if there are any more they are welcome!

03-05-07, 08:53 am
That is exactly how I have my ramp. I do have mine covered in fleece though and have put on "treads" to help give them something of a foothold going up or down.
For the treads, just take a few small pieces of coroplast ( or cardboard even) and cut it the width of the ramp and about 2 inches high. Make the fleece long enough where you can wrap the edges around your ramp and tape to the bottom.

Or just add more sticks on top of what you have and just space them out to make treads. Maybe add one stick on top of every 5 sticks.

Your ramp looks very nice

Rachel's Cavy Cove
03-05-07, 09:14 am
I bent two grids into a "U" shape, zip tied them together and zip tied ti to the cage. I took a piece of coroplact the length of the 2 grids and scored it 1.2 way through so that it would lie in the u shape. Then I made a long pocket out of the fleece and put snaps at the bottom to close it off. Then I put the coroplast into the pocket. Then I just take 2 biner clips and clip the covered coro to the grids and voila a ramp that my piggies love. Thay actually started using it as a slide after a while. They seem to like going fast, even though I know they can go slowly. Silly piggies!