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03-01-07, 08:06 am
How do you get a piggie to purr? How can you tell lthe difference between a purr and a rumble?

If your piggies have a big cage do they still need floor time? Do they need floor time if you change their toys around? They seem very interested and entertained when we change the configuration of their tubes, tunnels and hideys. Is that enough? They definitely get a lot of lap time. Where do you give your piggies their floor time?

Thanks for the help.

03-01-07, 08:26 am
I just checked out the Guinea Pig Sounds site and my piggies seem to be making the Curious Pig sound which I thought was the Angry Pig sound (because they made it when we rubbed their fur the wrong way).

Any feedback on that one?

03-10-07, 01:08 am
I don't think I know what you mean by purring, because my piggy doesn't purr! He does his happy, short squeaks. When he wants food he makes what sounds like a low rumbling noise.

03-10-07, 07:53 am
When I first got my pigs I thought they were purring but it was actually rumbling, and then when Sherman got settled in she began to purr when I rubbed her back. Now she purrs and lays down when I pet her, and Oda will purr occasionally when being petted too. It's a distinct sound that you'll recognize when you hear it. It's softer than rumbling and comes in long "waves", like "brrrrrrrrrrr.......brrrrrrrrrrrr........brrrrrrrrr rrr" if that makes any sense! I've noticed that my little pups will make this sound when nursing too.

As far as floor time, I think it's important, although less if you do have a big cage and change their toys around. Some people do floor time every week or when they clean the cage out.
I had some trouble finding a spot for floor time because I have a cat and lots of electronic devices with cords (boyfriend lol ). So what I do is block of my hallway at both ends and use that space. Luckily my apartment is set up so you can walk through the kitchen to get to the living room.

03-11-07, 10:14 am
Not sure what rumbling sounds like, but purring is when, if you're petting your piggy, it feels like it's vibrating. It will last a couple seconds like ......
........ ............... (that would be the "purrs"). If it purrs when you're petting it, it means that it's enjoying it and will sometimes stretch out and lean into your hand for more. It's really cute when my piggies do it!

03-11-07, 10:25 am
I've been told that the rumbling noise he make means he wants something or he's mad. When I pet Henry he squeaks, a lot! Am I interpreting his sounds right?

03-12-07, 08:29 am
It's sort of a challenge, isn't it, to figure these sounds out! I think I may have gtten the purr a ew times, according to the vibrating descriptions.

My piggies seem to make a quiet little, snuffly, clicky sound almost continuously. It's really very sweet.

Our littlest one makes some really peculiar chirpy sonds that are accompanies by a little hop or wiggle. Anybody have an interpretation of that one?

I'm thinking the bathroom would be the place for our floor time. It's pretty clear of things they could get into. But, should i block off the toilet area so they can't get back there? I kind of use the baby-proofing-for-a-crawling human child rule. And I wouldn't let my crawler go behind the toilet....
How about anyone else on there bathroom use for floor time?

Have a great day!

03-12-07, 09:33 am
Sounds like your littlest one is popcorning which means life is good. I do floor time in the middle of the kitchen with a doggie enclosure I had for my Bichon when she was a puppy. I put a fleece blanket underneath. I did try the bathroom but you're right, behind the toilet was the favorite space.

04-13-07, 06:46 pm
My guinea pig squeaks in short phrases when its hungry and wants food, but i am not sure its rumbling or purring when i pet her.