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02-26-07, 10:49 pm
Midnight isn't really the strongest seeming type, I'm almost suprised she made it to one year just because of all the problems she seems to have/have had in her young life.
So her current problem is now she's squeaking about as loudly as a pig motorboating motorboats, when she poops. They are very stinky, soft poops too. Completely unlike the hard, unsmelly poops of my other three pigs. They are uniformly brown, just longer, softer, and more squishy than a normal poop.
When I took her to the vet for her first check up, in December, I asked the vet about that and the vet couldn't see anything outwardly wrong with Midnight that would make her poops be like this.
A little background information about Midnight that might lend a clue:
Her teeth are fine, they've been checked all the way to the back with a little teeth-checker light thing.
She is much smaller than her brother and mom. She weighs about 1 1/2 pounds compared to her familys' 2 1/2 pounds.
She is always eating.
She is very active.
When she was born one of her back legs didn't work and now it works a little bit better, but not much. She still walks funny.
Her parents are siblings and their parents were siblings.
I hardly ever see her drinking water.

Since the last time I posted about this, I've started splitting the feedings of lettuce to 1 1/2 cups in the morning and 1 1/2 cups in the evening. They also get their green pepper in the morning and they get their four baby carrots at night. That helped a little, but only for a little while, now the "monster" is back.
They get umlimited KM's timothy hay and about 1/16 a cup of pellets each since they won't eat any more pellets than that.

I really feel that something is wrong and something could be done about this, but my vet doesn't know what we could do/what could be wrong and I don't know either. I'm pretty much posting this becuase I'm hoping that someone has expierenced or seen this before. If you have any ideas at all I would apprieciate hearing them. I'm open to any suggestions.
Thanks so much in advance!

02-26-07, 11:37 pm
I'm not sure with the squeaking/pooping I haven't experienced that. But perhaps you should change the serving amounts of the lettuce? Like in the morning give them their bulk of whatever serving of lettuces you'regoing to give, and then in the evening very little, mixed in with their other veggies.

I thought I'd once seen seem comments around here that too much really wet lettuce CAN sometimes cause their poops to be more watery - but again I'm not sure. Hopefully you'll get some more informed answers!

Best of luck - really!

02-27-07, 12:25 am
UTI or bladder stones could account for the problems defecating. The soft poos could be a side effect or the start of diahrrea.

02-27-07, 10:28 am
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Have a look at the bottom of this web page. It talks about Caecotrophs. It says they are soft and smelly and are the poos they eat to stay healthy. The only thing it doesn't explain is the squeaking your piggy makes which indicates pain.

02-27-07, 10:42 am
That's what I figured they were for quite a while, but then I realized that that's all she was pooping. She never has hard poops. So some of them might be caecotrophs, but I don't think all of them are. Sometimes to check and see if that's what it is, I have held some soft poops up to her noses and some times she eats one, but mostly she backs away, like that poop isn't one she's supposed to eat.

02-27-07, 10:49 am
Ah i see. It does seem to be something else, especially with the squeaking too. It's hard when the vet can't find anything but you know that there is something wrong. Could you possibly try to get into contact with an exotic vet who is more experienced with cavies?

02-27-07, 12:31 pm
Has she had a fecal culture? What are you feeding her?

02-27-07, 04:55 pm
One of our pigs squeaks when he poops, but only occasionally. We have had him tested for just about everything our vet (cavy savvy) can think of and he is fine. An x-ray showed his tail bone is a little deformed which might account for some nerve pain in the back end when he poops.

I always thought the cecal poops were greenish but you never know. Getting a fecal culture sounds like a good idea to rule out a bacterial infection or the like.

02-27-07, 05:15 pm
Eddie does that on and off. He was checked at the shelter's vet and they couldn't find anything wrong.

02-27-07, 05:21 pm
My vet seems to be the most cavy savy one around me. She does seem to definetly know what she's doing around guinea pigs.
She has not had a fecal culture. Should I get that done?
It's very good to know that others have similar things with their piggies.

08-16-10, 02:53 pm
Firs off its a bad idea to be feeding your guinea pig lettuce...that leads to diarrhea...which might be the reason for her problems. So yeah stop with the lettuce! :yuck:

08-17-10, 11:00 am
Firs off its a bad idea to be feeding your guinea pig lettuce...that leads to diarrhea...which might be the reason for her problems. So yeah stop with the lettuce! :yuck:
Lettuces, with the exception of iceburg, are fine to feed pigs. Romaine, green leaf, red leaf, baby lettuces in spring mixes, boston/butterhead, escarole, endive (and other varieties) are all fine and safe to feed. Iceburg should be avoided because it's comprised mainly of water and it's high in nitrites and in pigs it can cause diarrhea but the other types of lettuces generally do not.

Diarrhea is caused because the body recognizes there is something there (bad bacterias) that should not be so it tries to flush the system out.

Dexter, I am also curious as to what you are feeding your pig.