View Full Version : Need Cage Help FAST!

02-23-07, 10:25 am
I really want to upgrade my girls cage to a bigger one, as soon as I can.
I have a big wooden board for the base, and I thought about super glueing cardboard to the sides for the walls.
But then I thought about it and I thought that I would like her to be able to see outside of the cage.
Does anyone have ideas with things that you should find in the home and you could glue with super glue?:sad:

02-23-07, 10:29 am
You really need something water proof for the bottom. The piggy urine will soak into wood and it won't be long until you have a big mess. You could use a shower curtain liner and use binder clips to fasten up the sides of the grids as a temporary solution until you can get something more sturdy.

You can use lineolum in place of the coroplast if you are having problem finding or affording it. You can get a piece of lineoleum scrap from a home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot or a carpet place for less that $20 that would easily cover a 2x5.

You can also use wire shelving in place of grids, but it is more expensive than grids if you are looking for something cheaper. BUT if you have extra wire shelving around the house, you could use that and use cableties to secure it.

Did you check out the 'alternative cages' pics? there are lots of other ideas of non C&C cages that meet the minimums for size and cleanliness there.

02-23-07, 10:31 am
The wood base and cardboard sides will not make a good cage base because they will absorb urine and be impossible to clean.

You can use wood but you would need to cover it with linoleum or vinyl tiles to make it water resistant.

If you want to use the wood (and cover it) you can also use wood for the sides (cover the sides as well).

I recommend you try to find some coroplast by calling your local sign shops and be sure to tell them you are using it to build a guinea pig cage. Many places will give you a discount when you tell them this. You can also ask if they have any misprinted signs. They may give you misprinted coroplast for free.

If you have cubes or shelving for the sides you can temporarily use a shower curtain for the base. Fold it up on the outside of the sides and use binder clips to hold it in place.