View Full Version : Really miss you Chubbs

02-22-07, 05:58 pm
Dedicated to our wee :love: Chubbs :love: .

Who died suddenly after a short illness at the age of only 1.5 years.

Love from :weepy: Mum, Dad, Sara, Julie & Stripey :weepy:


02-22-07, 07:24 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. I know this is a hard time but make sure that illness that your previous guineapig had hasn't been passed to the one you have now. May your little guy rest in peace and I'm so sorry.

02-24-07, 08:10 pm
Thanks. Unsure of the cause of Chubbs death. Last weekend I noticed he wasnít quite right. He looked like he was struggling to get air. I picked him up to check him out & he immediately recovered. I kept a close eye on him until Monday, he didnít show any more signs of breathing problems. Just in case I made an appointment with the vet for the following day. The next day I found him really ill. Barely able to move, eyes half shut. I quickly rushed him to the vets (a 5 min car journey). Unfortunately he passed away just as I arrived at the vets :weepy: . The vet confirmed he had gone & after an examination could find no signs of illness. Clear eyes, Nose & mouth, healthy coat skin & no unusual lumps. The vet said it was probably a severe allergic reaction but without an autopsy she couldnít be sure. Chubbys diet hadnít changed recently so unsure what he was reacting to. Anyway not wanting my wee Chubbs cut up I declined the autopsy.
As for his little friend, I'm keeping a very close eye on him & apart from a few days he spent searching his habit for Chubbs he seems to be in good health. I'm gonna get him another companion, meanwhile he gets fussed over by all the family & is loving the attention lol .

02-25-07, 04:59 pm
I'm so sorry to her about your loss. My bennie also died about a 2 months ago and jet was devistated and so was I. So I adopted another piggie from a place in cincinnati, ohio (This Little Piggie and me Rescue.) but they had to be in a divided cage or they would fight. It did help even with a fence in the middle they could see each other and have companionship. Now i have also got another but this time i got a little boy just a few weeks old, and they get along great. Of course i had to make a bigger cage. But it was all worth it. They all seem happy poppin happy.!!