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02-19-07, 04:37 pm
Hey, Im looking into places where I can board my guinea pigs when I go away this summer, and I came across Jodie's Jiggley Piggley Farm, and I was wondering if anyone has heard about it, and has any feed back on if its an alright place or not for piggie boarding..

Thanks, Ruessevel :p

02-19-07, 04:45 pm
From what I can see when I did a search is that this place seems well intentioned. Their links page has lots of links to this page, Cavy Spirit, Guinea Lynx and even Treen's website (Wheekers). They seem to be rescue oriented.

I recommend you ask to have a tour to insure how and where your animals will be kept, what/how they will be fed and to insure this is not a breeder.