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02-19-07, 03:44 pm
Today at about 5:30 am My sisters guinea-pig died, we dont know how, yesterday she wasent looking so well so we were going to take her to the vet, she was a good guinea-pig, we will miss her, and her pal Cinnamon-sugar will miss her.
Rest In Peace Splenda...
P.S. how can you tell how old a guinea-pig is. Thanks.

02-19-07, 04:02 pm
I'm sorry to hear about Splenda. If it helps you put your mind at peace, your vet can do an autopsy for you so you can know how she died. Godspeed, Splenda! I love that name, by the way.

There's no sure fire way to tell a cavy's age. Toenails, teeth, and size/weight can be indicators, but it's hard to get exact, or even close, age. Are you planning on getting Cinnamon-Sugar a new friend? She's probably feeling sad and lonely herself, just as you are. I'm so sorry to hear about Splenda, again.

02-19-07, 05:54 pm
I'm so sorry to hear about Splenda. Weight and the nails and teeth as said above would probably give you your best guess. And maybe a vet could give you a better age. But RIP little one.

02-20-07, 12:20 pm
Sorry so about the loss of your little loved one! Thoughts and prayers out to you and your sis ~ hugs!