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09-21-04, 03:14 pm
Wer weiß wie Coroplast auf deutsch heißt? Ich kann in google nichts darüber finden. Und diese Gitterelemente hate ich auch noch nicht erspäht. Gibt es die eher in Baumärken oder in Bürobdarf Läden.

Habt ihr vielleicht deutsch links von Leuten die so etwas schon gebaut haben?

Danke karina!

09-22-04, 07:01 pm
I do believe this is an english only site, perhaps you could find a translation site and post it in english.

09-22-04, 09:52 pm
I believe the above text in german literally translates to:

"Hello! Who white like Coroplast on German is called? I cannot find in google anything over it. And these lattice elements hate I also yet does not erspaeht. There are rather in Baumaerken or in Buerobdarf shops. Have you perhaps German left from people to have such a thing built? Thanks karina!"

i cheated and used a german english phrase translator. as you can see, the grammer in these two languages are totally different, but you can get the basic idea.

09-23-04, 01:36 pm
Oh sorry. I don't know the german name for Coroplast. As well i don't know the translation for the cubes. Today I went to several building centres, but without success.
I guess these products are not available in Germany. How common are the cubes in USA ore UK?

09-23-04, 04:41 pm
in the USA, they are very common. I dont know about the UK.

09-23-04, 04:48 pm
in the USA, they are very common. I dont know about the UK.

They can be hard to find in the UK but people manage...

09-25-04, 05:48 pm
they have been found in malaysia as well