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02-15-07, 06:48 am
Hey I finaly got around to taking a photo of scruff's new cage. It is 2X3 with a 2X2 uper level, now we can get her a buddy :D


thanks for looking


02-15-07, 12:31 pm
Cute fleece on top! What do you have under the fleece on the bottom (besides plastic)?

I'm glad your thinking of getting little Scruff a buddy! However, you'll want to expand a bit ~ the minimum for 2 piggers is 2x4 grids (upper levels don't count) ~ so you could just make it a little longer! : o )

02-15-07, 01:00 pm
Vanessa, I think you are on the right track with the cage but I have a suggestion. Make the top level just a 1 x 2 for a kitchen and free up space below that is taken up by the support grid and the ramp can be put along side the wall of the cage leaving more openess for them and their things. I hope I am making sense!

02-15-07, 09:27 pm
We only have flece and plastic on the bottom, she goes pee in uper level in the white box where her hay is kept if thats what you were worried about.
We are planning on making the cage a 2X4 and putting the ramp along side before be we get a new pig. However we need to get more flece and grids first but we will have it set up before we get the new piggy.

02-16-07, 05:21 pm
Just something to think about ~ your new pigger may not pee upstairs only : o )

02-17-07, 08:40 am
Just something to think about ~ your new pigger may not pee upstairs only : o )

Tulip, I'm not sure what the problem with that would be. Scruffy has gone "number one" on the bottom before and if the felce did not abosrb it then the plastic protected the carpet. We wash the flece once a week, we still have our pet store cage that we put her in for the hour or so that it takes to wash and dry it.

02-17-07, 10:24 am
I like the cage! The bare minimum for 2 pigs is a 2x3, but they will be much happier with the 2x4 you are planning to expand to. Are you planning on getting any coroplast? I know some people don't like it, but I find it a lot easier.

I have one suggestion though. I know you said that the plastic protects the carpet, but it would be much easier to just put a few towels down between the fleece and plastic on the first floor. Fleece does not actually absorb moisture, it wicks the moisture through to whatever is underneath. Towels are excellent at absorbing urine and your cage will last a lot longer if you just throw a few cheap ones underneath the fleece. If there is nothing underneath the fleece the moisture is simply sitting in/on the fleece and your pigs will get wet.

Anyways, great cage, and good luck on finding your pig a buddy and expanding the cage!

02-17-07, 10:32 am
thanks everyone. We might get a ride out to the shelter and wal-mart today to pick up grids and other things to expland our cage and our new piggy! We do have a cage set up for Quartine just if you were wondering.

02-17-07, 05:46 pm
The Queen addressed my concern with only fleece and plastic on the floor level ~ my concern was that if they or one of them ends up peeing on the floor level that they'd just basically be laying in pee as the fleece doesn't absorb well. Your carpet may be protected, but the piggers wouldn't be! :heart:

02-17-07, 06:20 pm
Thanks I will put some towles down ASAP.