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02-14-07, 11:09 pm
My beautiful wolf/huskey Ceasar lost his battle with tick fever Tues afternoon. I am heartbroken. I couldn't write this Tues and I'm still having trouble.
Ceasar was a stray that someond dumped in the desert by my house. He ran loose for 2 weeks until he came to me. Then he never left. He had the most incredable robin egg blue eyes. He was gentle, mischievious and loved to play. He thought my pillows were his play toys and shredded them on a constant bases if I forgot to take them off the bed. He played with my other dogs and loved to torment the cats. He was a great talker and woo wooed me all the time. I only had him for 2 years but he has left an impression on my heart that will last forever.
He got sick on Sat and I rushed him to the vet. The whole staff fell in love with him. He came to me with tick fever and I have had him under vet care for it for 2 years.. His rattlesnake bite in Oct took more out of his immune system than we realized. We thought he was ok but he just couldn't fight it and win this time.
I am so thankful I had such a great guy for 2 years. Oh how I would have liked to keep him longer.
Goodbye my beautiful boy. I will miss you forever.:weepy:

02-15-07, 07:14 am
I'm sorry Suzi,
It sounds like he was a very happy dog in his last 2 years of life, thanks to you.

piggly wiggly
02-15-07, 09:00 am
I am so very sorry for your loss,he sounds like a beutiful dog. May he rest in peace.

02-15-07, 10:02 am
I'm so sorry for your loss. He seemed like a dog full of spirit and character and I'm sure he was. May he rest in peace.

02-15-07, 12:25 pm
My tears are joining yours ~ thanks for opening your heart and home to this special guy! Many wouldn't do what you have done ~ you have a big heart and he knew that! Hugs ~

02-15-07, 05:02 pm
awh, r.i.p little Ceasar. Sorry for your loss Suzi