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09-19-04, 11:12 am
hi, i am writing an article on building guinea pig cages for a childrens newspaper in asia. being that i live in america, i dont know what kind of supplies are available in asia for the building of a cage. could someone please tell me what is available in asia that would make a good cage?

ex: do you have grids? coroplast? will chicken wire work well?

09-20-04, 07:54 pm
Asia is so big. But in Malaysia, I made my C&C cage.

09-24-04, 06:19 pm
really, where did you find your cubes?

do you think chicken wire (which i know is readily avaiable for the country of circulation)
supported by wooden frames will make a good alternative to grids?

09-29-04, 09:00 am
So far I only found grids sold at 1 hypermarket (30 grids, 30 connectors @ RM89.90), which I think is slightly expensive when convert to USD. I bought my coroplast from stationary shop (4" x 8" @ RM27), this is cheap.

Non C&C DIY cage may works too but I think C&C is the easiest way to build.

09-29-04, 07:14 pm
the paper is for India, i dont think they have grids there.

11-01-04, 04:00 am
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