View Full Version : My Little angel Bandit

02-07-07, 03:58 am
Bandit came into my life last year, when I answered an email in our area freecycle, for a male guinea pig needing a new home and if they could find one for him, that they would take him to the pound.
Poor Bandit was bounced around several homes before he found a perament home with me.
That is when I decided to open a resuce home for guinea pigs for my area.
Bandit and I have been battling teeth problems since October of last year. Yesterday when I took him to the vets he was to weak to get a proper dental exam and he also had came down with an upper respiratory infection.
The biggest problem I have found is finding a good guinea pig vet, one who listens to you when you tell them there is still problem with thier teeth after the surgery. I fell that Bandit would still be with me if I could have found a vet that listned to me instead of letting thier pride get in the way.
Any ways Bandit you are my little angel and you alway will be, you stole my heart with your sweet smile. You will alway be in my heart and soul. I love you so much my little angel,Till we meet again I will awlay think of you and your smile, and how much I will missed you.:love::sad:

02-09-07, 12:21 pm
Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss!!! It sounds like you tried very hard! ~hugs~

02-09-07, 04:07 pm
Bandit sounds like he was the greatest piggy!I hope you can take some comfort in knowin that Buddy KNEW you loved him...RIP Sweet Bandit

02-15-07, 05:16 pm
awh I am so sorry for your loss.
I am also dealing with the same problem from my vet.
But anyways - R.I.P Sweet little Bandit.

02-16-07, 12:11 am
I want to thank eveyone for your support, I am so lucky to have found this forum.

02-16-07, 02:02 am
Thank you for caring for Bandit and doing the best you could for him. I am so sorry for your loss.