View Full Version : help she wont move in her new cage

02-04-07, 10:58 am
I've just made my first cavie cage a 2x3 with a 2x1 loft. On the bottom i bent a grid and put newspaper on top to make a little tent . On the top she has a log tunnel thingy and box to sleep in and for the ramp i used this large long grid thing and covered it with some trackie bottoms. I used lino tiles for the base covered in newspaper . But the problem is she won't move when i put her in, She just sits in the corner.

02-04-07, 11:04 am
She is probably overwhelmed by all the extra space! She just doesn't know what to do! Try putting some veggies in various spots to get her moving around, as well as a hidey to make her feel secure. Soon she'll get used to it and be running around in no time!

One other thing, is the only thing you're using for bedding newspaper? If so, you need something else, like aspen or kiln-dried pine shavings, Carefresh, or fleece. Newspaper isn't very absorbant, and the cage will soon get wet and gross. You'll have to clean it every day. With shavings or something, most will be absorbed by the top layer of bedding, with only some moisture going to the newspaper. It will last longer and smell nicer that way.

02-04-07, 11:23 am
Hooray - you got your grids!

Patience is the key when introducing anything new to a guinea pig!! As Queen said, she will be overwhelmed, and will need time to begin to feel confident enough to start exploring, more so if she is on her own. She has found a corner - which feels safe, and he is too scared to come out yet! Most folk experience this - though most piggies hide away in the darkest corner of a hidey - so you can't see them atall! Find a comfy spot yourself - and wait it out! Or leave her to find her way around on her own. I know you will be anxious for her to find all the lovely things you've made for her - but she must pluck up the courage to do it herself!

Food is a good way to tempt her out of her shell! you could make a trail of it around the cage - but don't be surprised if she still sits scared stiff!

Your newspaper will do as bedding in the meantime - but everyone will be happier with bedding of some kind on top!

02-04-07, 01:33 pm
she's a very scatty guinea pig anyway , she wont come up to you . But is that because she has lived in a hutch and only been held once a fortnight?? How can i tame her? For the last 2 days she's been held for about 3 hrs a day

02-04-07, 02:33 pm
Just give her some time. If she is a baby it will take awhile because usually babies are a little more skittish. Just try maybe holding out a veggie to her trying to get her to at least take the veggies out of your hands. It's gonna take some time for her to trust you sense I'm guessing wasn't handled much. Just keep on doing what your doing holding her and try bringing her out of her shell with veggies and plenty of love.

02-04-07, 02:59 pm
Does she have a friend??? If not, she needs one!

You might want to make sure her environment is as quiet as possible in the beginning, as well.

Guinea pigs take a LOT of patience and time. She will come around, like everyone is saying... Just keep holding her, talking quietly to her, and giving her lots of hay, veggies and pellets. She'll learn that she can trust you, but it will take time.

I also highly recommend getting better bedding, as TheQueen suggested. Mine adore fleece and it's cheaper than bedding.

02-04-07, 04:10 pm
Just as SoCalCavies said also a friend would help encourage her to maybe move around and play around.

02-05-07, 01:13 pm
Thankyou , i'm plannning o get her some fleece at the weekend and we're gonna get her a friend in the spring .