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01-31-07, 12:20 pm
I got my first guinea pig a few years ago (Mints) and spoiled her silly .:D Later I bought her a companion (Penny), she was very young and little when I got her but her and Mint's go along great. I soon started bringing home rescued guinea pigs that were living poor conditions and were very old:sorry:. I bred Mints and she was pregnent. I didnt know better then but I put the rescued cavy's in the same room as my pets. I woke up one morning and found Penny unable to move, eat or drink. A very short time later she was gone:weepy:. I couldnt stop crying all day.:ashamed: I cant belive that happened. The guinea pigs were taken away from the room, Mints was by herself. I tried finding homes for the guinea pigs but no one wanted males that were so old. They soon started passing away. Each one that did opened new wounds for me, Mints's babies were sick too. I gave them fresh veggies, fruits, hay, blended food and water everyday but they still didnt live. Two years past and Mint's is still solo, but she's healthy and happy. I'm saving up for a bigger cage and an older but not too old cavy. I'll always miss Penny.......:(

01-31-07, 09:14 pm
I miss those guinea pigs so much... I hope everyone can understand I tried. If you've ever had a guinea pig loss then you know how I feel. Thanks for understanding........

02-01-07, 01:44 pm

I'm so sorry.

02-06-07, 02:41 pm
Let be make this simple to read for everyone. I bought my guinea pig Mints from petsmart and she's never been ill so I deccided to get another one, I had already gotten gerbils from petsmart and they never had problems (they died from old age a few years ago, they were both two years old, that all I heard gerbils usually live to be). I named the young guinea pig Penny. She ended up passing on for reasons I'm still not really sure about. I regret breeding Mints after Penny died, I never should have but I did. I think I just wanted to make up for my first loss. She had two female's and they were really doing really well! But they died at the same age as Penny. I can't change the past but if I could, I would do things differently. I guess I didn't learn my lesson the first time, I bought parakeets from there too and they had illnesses. I will never make either of those mistakes again. There is a great danger with pets stores, and I didnt know this was happening everywhere with small pets untill I stumbled upon this web site. Don't make the same mistakes I did. I'm so sorry for those who have lost their pets from buying them at pet stores. I'm sorry for those who have lost a pet.