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01-30-07, 09:13 pm
My dad just got home from the vet's after taking Draco (formerly Dumbledore, the petstore pig that caused a bunch of ruckus) to have him checked out. We have found out that he has cancer and the kindest thing to do is to put him to sleep. We will be going tomorrow morning. I just can't belive this first Hagrid now Draco? This is so unfair. I'm going to go spend the last bit of time with him I can. I just wish there was something I could do. :weepy: :weepy: :weepy:

01-30-07, 09:36 pm
He's gone, he passed in my arms a few minutes ago. This is not fair. I went through hell to take care of him and he died anyways. I hate this, 2 in less than a month. Why me? I just can't belive this is happening.

02-15-07, 05:38 pm
R.I.P Draco. So sorry for your loss