View Full Version : My girls are loving it

01-22-07, 09:10 pm
Well I was finally able to build my 2 girls a new cage. We couldn't find coroplast so we used linolium. I built a 2 x 4. I put some pink with dark pink and white hearts fleece down. They are loving it. They are so happy and seem to want to be petted more. They come up to the side of the cage to be petted when we walk by. I put their cage out in the living room so they get attention all the time. I just want to say thank you to this site, I had no idea that the size of the cage mattered.

01-22-07, 09:51 pm
It is really amazing to see the difference in their behavior with a larger cage.

Glad your girls are enjoying theirs!

01-27-07, 05:06 pm
my baby's personality really came out when I built him a new cage. He is so happy now and much more enjoyable.

01-27-07, 05:39 pm
That's great news Trickey! Thanks for sharing! Your piggies are obviously making your hard work worth while! Well done you!

Now we need photos!

01-27-07, 07:19 pm
Hey that's great that they enough their new cage so much. Pictures would be great!

01-30-07, 02:54 pm
My desktop's motherboard recently went on me and my laptop, which I am on right now, has a bad dc jackand can't take a long charge. Soon as I fix one I will take some pic's.