View Full Version : My Angel Flew Away. ;(

01-19-07, 04:43 pm
I am trying to hold back tears as I type this. I noticed this morning Dusty wasn't out like usual, instead she was 'sleeping' or so I thought. I thought nothing of it, Today is cage cleaning time. I began to wonder about Dusty, I got his gut feeling, I should skip right to Dusty. I went over to her cage, my heart was pounding like a drum and open the cage, the cage door is loud when you open it and it always wakes her up but not this time, I spotted a little blood on her bedding and I look to see her, her eyes closed. She looks youthful again amazingly. Dusty would probably think it would be funny when I saw this but she looks more youthhful when she is dead then alive. Her eyes are closed, she must of passed in her sleep. I have this big lump in my throat and I am holding back tears. Dusty, I love you so much I am so sorry I used to call you a she witch when you bit me, I love you so much, Have fun over the rainbow bridge with Munchkin, Buttercup, and Fudge, sweetie.
Wait for me, and just know I love you to bits and am so sorry I failed you. :'(
RIP Dusty.
I really hoped I didnt have to write in here anytime soon.
Dusty, I will love you forever sweet dream my little burst of energy.
This is all my fault and I am so terrible sorry I failed you darling.:sorry:

01-19-07, 04:52 pm
Sorry to hear about your Dusty. She was a very cute Hamster. You did the best you could with the circumstances you had. I'm sure she knew you loved her. Animals can always tell.

01-19-07, 04:57 pm
I miss her so much.
She is being burried tonight in our garden. May she blossom under gods care.

01-19-07, 05:10 pm
I miss her so much.
She is being burried tonight in our garden. May she blossom under gods care.

Aww. I know how you feel. My Cookie died yesterday.
May Dusty & Cookie meet up in the piggy rainbow bridge and be bestest of buds.