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Miss. Hanzi Pig
01-16-07, 12:25 pm
Right, well I have 2 female pigs living in a 2x3 cage with a 1x2 upper level. I really want to make a bit more space so i was thinking about making the top level go around the edge of the cage making kind of a c shape like leaving one square open in the middle to get to the bottom level. I think this is quite a good idea but would it not be hard to catch my pigs from the bottom & would cleaning not be hard ? Also, can guinea pigs eat newspaper ? Mines always munching on it.

01-16-07, 02:57 pm
I have a 2x4 with this same U-shaped loft, only with two grids open since it's a 2x4, not a 2x3. I think it works great! Picking up the pigs on the first level isn't hard, and cleaning is cake as well! Just be sure to make a ramp that you can lift up to clean underneath. Although I have two "open" grids, I don't think one grid would be too much more difficult. If you don't think it will work, you could always make the loft an L-shape, like a 1x3x2x1, or just have a 3x1 loft against the back of the cage.

It's okay for the pigs to eat a bit of newspaper, just so long as they aren't consuming a ton of it. Make sure they have unlimited hay, then they'll munch on that instead, and it's a vital part of their diet.

01-16-07, 04:26 pm
I had a 2x3 bottom level with a U shaped loft above like you are describing. My ramp took up most of the 1 grid opening, so reaching in to the bottom level for catching pigs, cleaning, etc was impossible. Even without the ramp in place, it was a pain. Just my experience but a 1 grid opening just isn't enough space for me to comfortably get arms into and maneuver around comfortably.
What I did was made a door on the front of the cage. I did this by popping 2 grids out of their connectors and hinging them to the cage on one side with zip ties. This allowed me easier access to the bottom and top levels, and I just kept the door clipped shut with a clothes pin.
There are pics of the cage posted in a reply I made to this post: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-cages/22775-3rd-level.html
The cage was actually 4 levels, but the bottom 2 levels were what you are talking about doing...So you can get a visual of what you are thinking of creating, and see how I made the doors to gain access.

01-16-07, 04:53 pm
I changed my cage to the big C shaped 2nd level just last night. However, mine is a 2x5. I also have 2 doors that swing out in the middle. I think a 2x3 would be very hard to get into to clean and catch the pigs.

What about just a 1x3 across the back? Or even an L shaped and keep the 1x2 on the one end, and then add the ones across the back. That would then give you a 2 grid opening to work with.

Miss. Hanzi Pig
01-17-07, 10:46 am
Thanks for all teh advice ! I think i'll do a 3x1 loft because it sounds much easier.