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01-14-07, 10:23 pm
I have two little bunnies in desperate need of a new home. They are currently living in a large pet store cage. This was fine for our old apartment when they were out all the time but now, in our new house they aren't getting all the out of cage time they need. I would like to build them something that they can exercise in and explore while we're out and then let them out while we're home. Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
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01-15-07, 06:00 am
Well, a C&C cage would be a good option and you could attach a puppy exercise pen to it to give them even more room. I would reccomend a 2 x 4 with two or three levels. Some rabbits will chew the coroplast so it would be a good idea to have it on the outside of the cage.

You can check out the photo gallery for ideas and this website also:
Websites about NIC Condos (http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/nic.html)

01-15-07, 08:48 am
Thank you for your reply. If you don't mind I'd like to ask you some further questions. One of my bunnies (my first rescue) had never been raised on flooring so he is very scared on hard surfaces, he scrambles. Both of my bunns are also carpet and towel chewers. Do you have any suggestions for flooring or floor covering? Also I saw your cage it is adorable, how do you strengthen the ramp so it doesn't sink? I final question for now, just about the forum, I notice that it keeps track of when I thank people, how do I thank someone? Thank you, I appreciate your time.

01-15-07, 09:07 am
My rabbit also hates any flooring that is the least bit slick, and will refuse to walk on it. For my condo, I have linoleum on the bottom level but it is always covered with newspaper which I throw away when soiled. This has worked out pretty well for me. But I do have carpet on the upper levels since my rabbit does not chew it.

There was another member of the forum, it might have been naturestee, that made one of her bedrooms into a bunny room and she said she used a type of vinyl flooring that had very good traction, so that may be something to look into for the condo. The other thing I can think of would be to cover the flooring with newspapers. Does your rabbit mind walking on newspapers? Do you think your rabbits would chew on rubber bath mats? These might provide pretty good traction, and they would be washable.

I made my ramp out of an old hayrack and one of the cubes which I connected with zip ties, but you could make one by overlapping two cubes together and just making sure to zip tie them securely. I then zip tied both ends of the ramp to the two levels.

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01-15-07, 09:54 am
Linoleum or vinyl might work, do you mount it on something. I don't think they'd have a problem with the newspaper, it would just make their little feet grey. I'll try it though, strangely enough, I live in a shared house so we don't have a very good newspaper supply.

I've never tried rubber bath mats but that would be easy enough to test. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try the ramp yet but I guess I can let the bunnies be the judge of that. Do they ever chew the zip ties?

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01-15-07, 11:50 am
Yeah, that's me with the vinyl flooring for my bunny room. 3 of my 4 rabbits will not set foot on slippery floors, but they can jump and run around on this stuff. It has deep grooves running in it and the surface is rubbery. It's no-glue vinyl from Menards, and it looks like fake wood paneling. Unfortunately they only sell it off a huge roll, but maybe you could find a remnant?

Sometimes you can find other lino that is decent. Look for non-glossy stuff with texture to it. I've seen some fake stone-looking linoleum that would be pretty good.

Otherwise, stock up on grass mats and use those! I personally don't like using newspaper, but that's because I have white bunnies and it makes them gray.

01-15-07, 12:36 pm
My bunnies have white feet, so I feel the same way. Thank you for your advice, I saw your cage in the gallery, the one with Fey and Sprite. I was planning on starting with a 2 level and was hoping to copy your design, what is the shelf made of? Do your bunns find it slippery? By the way I still haven't figured out how to thank people so, thank you very much!

Minnie and Widget's mom

01-15-07, 12:44 pm
The shelf is made of plywood on top of grids. The don't have any problems although it's not the most textured thing in the world. If I were to make that cage again, I'd use pegboard instead. You know, the kind you put hooks in to hang tools on?

I really do like that cage design and it worked very well for them. They're in a big pen now because I have more space than I did. But it was easy to clean, easy to get them out in an emergency, and gave them lots of space while still giving plenty of room for them to stretch and stand up all the way. I don't think a lot of multi-level rabbit cages don't have enough room for that.

01-15-07, 12:55 pm
Pegboard! I never would have thought of that, it's an amazing idea. I agree with you, I've done some research and being able to fully stand up is important for their psychological well-being. My other priority is to have at least one other level that they can jump up on, they used to love to jump up on things. Thanks again!

01-15-07, 01:01 pm
My rabbit has never chewed the zip ties. And as for the newspaper, I have a gray rabbit so I never even thought of that!

01-15-07, 04:53 pm
By the way, do you find that your bunns chew the cubes and if they do is the paint safe?


01-16-07, 08:00 am
None of my rabbits are cage-chewers, from what I've seen that's usually an indication of stress or boredom. One does pull on the door sometimes when he's excited about being let out, but I haven't noticed any paint missing yet.

I don't know if the paint they use is non-toxic, but I wouldn't be too worried unless your buns chew on them a whole lot and eat a lot of paint off the cubes. Mine have probably ingested worse chemicals from eating carpet (just found a new hidden-away hole in the carpet).

01-16-07, 10:00 pm
Have people found that indoor/oudoor carpet works for the bottom or shelves?


01-17-07, 06:52 am
Some people like it (including the main fosterer for the rescue I'm fostering for), some hate it. I won't use it because my buns can get seriously obsessive about chewing stuff like that. I like grass mats instead.

01-17-07, 10:09 pm
My two rabbits have free run of my extra bathroom. I had made a C&C cage for them, but my female rabbit kept trying to get out of it. Plus my dogs who leave my GP's alone would not leave the rabbits alone. When my female got out by pushing the top up, the dog bit her ear off. That is why they are in the bathroom, where I can keep the door closed.
They love to jump from the box I have to the tub and back. In the tub I keep papers and hay. They are on vinyl flooring and don't seem to mind. If I put newspaper in there they shred it to pieces. Both of my rabbits love shredding paper. I was thinking of getting them a cat post that has holes for hiding and shelves at differeint levels. they love toys to push and throw about also.

01-21-07, 03:39 pm
Alright, I have finally built my new cube cage outline (it was harder than I thought). The pictures are coming soon! It it pretty much the same as naturestee's cage for Fey and Sprite, built with connectors. The only thing that I can't figure out how to do is the door. I have a four panel front and I want the 2 inner panels to swing outward. This would be similar (I think) to Naturestee and Theilian). I tried using zip ties but it isn't very stable, the connectors are getting in the way. Any advice?

01-22-07, 07:55 am
Take off the connectors that are in the way and replace them with more zip ties. That's what I did. It's still really stable that way.

01-22-07, 10:29 am
Naturestee, is yours built with the entire front panel using zip-ties and if so, was there a reason for this?

01-22-07, 11:41 am
Nope. Hmm, how do I describe it? The door is 2x2. It is in the middle, so it has a 1 grid section on either side that is stable. The stable sections have connectors on them except for the parts that touch the door. The door had no connectors, just zip ties. That's because I did it in a way so that the door folded in the middle, making it fit into the available space better when it was open. I got rid of as many connectors as necessary because they made it hard to open and close the door, latch it easily, and I tended to get scratched by them while cleaning.

I do know people who used only zip ties and no connectors on the entire cage. You have to use a lot, but you can make it safe and stable even for active buns.