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01-10-07, 12:40 am
Konwa (a phrase I made up)/Hi, I'm a guinea pig (animal) lover. I'm a German in Japan! I'm always looking for new ways to make my guinea pig's life better. I only have one and yes I know I need at least one other, but first I need to expand my stupid store bought cage. (baka na...) Sou, sou, I will try getting as close to a C&C style cage as I can. If you have any ideas for toys that are easy to make or very cheap to buy, I would love to know. So, yeah. Thanks in advance. Danke/Domo Arigato.

08-07-07, 10:41 pm
Hello!:) I thought I would say a quick hi, I am a college age student in the U.S. that is planning on moving to Japan in a few years to pursue a job in English Teaching I would love to get to know some like you that already lives there and that is a big Animal lover just like myself. I fully plan on moving to Japan and stay there for as long as I can and I hope at some point I can adopt some little pets of my own like maybe a rabbit. But I don't really know how easy or difficult it is to find pets in Japan so certainly if I can get to know you better and get advice from you that would be awesome.

Ash Liz
08-07-07, 11:02 pm
Hope I don't sound impersonal but if you try looking on the main site (http://www.guineapigcages.com/toys.htm) It has a huge list of toys to make or almost free. It's easier than posting here!