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09-10-04, 09:41 pm
Come share your experience & opinion on switching bedding from A to B, and why?

I switched from newspaper to kiln-dried pine shavings because it is more absorbance.

09-11-04, 03:48 am
I was going to have all my cage covered in bedding, but then I switched to having half towels and half bedding, to cut the cost and mess.

09-11-04, 09:32 am
I started out trying aspen and Carefresh. I was unimpressed with either. For the cost, it didn't cover like I wanted it to and it just didn't seem to work well. I went to pine shavings but it smelled like pine. I saw big bags of pine shavings, kiln dried, at a local Tractor Supply Company. It is for horse stalls and says low dust but I found it to be rather dusty. Still, for the price (and no pine smell), I was willing to air it out. Last week, I saw another place called Rural King sells bigger bags of kiln dried pine for less. I got a bag to try out and I like it much better. The shavings are smaller, no pine smell and this stuff is very low dust, maybe 1/10 the other big bag. I also use Woody Pet around water bottles and in high pee areas but not in the entire cage.

09-11-04, 01:23 pm
I use a different bedding when ever I change their cages.

I have used wood pellets, they work great in the summer, but absorb to much of the moisture from the air in the winter.
Fleece works fine, but a hassel to wash and dry, and long haired pigs get dirty with it.
Pine worked ok as long the pigs were short haired, and the cage didn't get too wet from pee.
Towels I like towels they work nice and they dry faster than fleece, but in the winter I have to take them to the Laundry Mat to wash and dry them.
Carefresh- Barely lasted a week, and would get stuck on the butt of one of my long haired piggies.
Wood pellets and Carefresh mix- works fine, but carefresh is too spendy.
Aspen- works fine with spot cleanings everyday other wise it is not absorbent and gets dirty fast.
Yestardays news-works fine like wood pellets but is too exepensive if you have to fill a C&C cage.
Basically I have tried everthing- there are about 20 other things that I have tried but have not listed on here.

Currently I am using aired out pine (so now it is safe) I got 10 cu. ft for 6.95, and wood pellets I got 32 lbs of wood pellets for 3.99. The pine will last me forever because the bag is huge . I haven't found anything I love that works all year long, there is either a problem with finding it, it doesn't work, or it doesn't work well in a certain season.