View Full Version : Hutch in a C&C cage?

Cavy Carnage
01-08-07, 07:32 am
I know not to keep guinea pigs in outdoor hutches but was wondering if it would be ok to place a hutch into a c&c cage for extra room. I was given a nearly brand new untreated wood hutch with legs that I though I could place in my c&c cage so they could hide under it and also build a ramp so they could go up into it. I thought if I made a coroplast floor for the hutch so the urine wouldnt soak in it would be a good idea, what do you all think?

Slave to the Wheek
01-08-07, 09:21 am
Works for me! I'd do it.

01-08-07, 12:15 pm
That sounds like a great idea, if there is still a lot of running room for the piggies and if it fits in the cage. You could try it out for a couple of days, if they use it, and don't seem cramped I'd keep it in :)