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01-06-07, 04:08 pm
Since joining this board a couple of weeks ago our pigs lives have changed for the better. We got some grids from B&Q after a very stressful drive around 100 miles! We cant find any corex big enough yet but I'm sure we will. In the meantime we've used some heavy pond liner and thats made an excellent base, the girls dont chew it. We have a tiny living room but we've made a 3X3 with a full length upper /side deck. The girls love it - they race up and down even though there all older piggies and lie flat out on their fleeces.
Its been great fun making their home and the best part is it can be changed and made even better!

01-06-07, 05:16 pm
That's great! What a good idea to use a pondliner! Do you have pictures?

Have you tried the 'find materials' link on the home page? There is also a shop selling correx on e-bay. Here is the link (thanks to Daftscotslass):

eBay UK Shop - CPS Supplies: Correx Board, Security Printed Products, FOAM X BOARD (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/CPS-Supplies)

01-12-07, 03:19 pm
Try sign manufacturers for correx. I found one after phoning numbers in the yellow pages. They sold big sheets. Sorry if this has been said elsewhere and you read it already.

01-12-07, 03:52 pm
We've started ringing around now - so far no luck but theres plenty more in the book! Have to say the pond liner is working great - its easy to clean and wash and dries very quickly. But we would prefer Correx. Shame the sheets on E Bay werent big enough we need 2x2 metres for the bottom.

01-12-07, 04:25 pm
The sheets on ebay are fine - join them. It's unlikely you would ever get a sheet of correx that measured 2x2m in its entirety. I had to join 3 sheets (I used duct tape) and it works wonderfully.

Cavy Carnage
01-12-07, 04:58 pm
Hey, I have been after some more grids for ages and was wondering which B&Q you went too, I have tried the ones in the local area but dont mind travelling further if I know they def have some. Thanks!

01-13-07, 07:47 am
Daftscotlass you must thing we're really silly! I didnt realise you could join it! going to get some NOW! And THANKYOU!

The B&Q is in the UK located in Sunderland.

Cavy Carnage
01-13-07, 11:44 am
Sorry for yet another question, what is the name given to the cubes at B&Q? Just if I dont see any I know what to ask for.

01-13-07, 12:33 pm
Daftscotlass you must thing we're really silly! I didnt realise you could join it! going to get some NOW! And THANKYOU!

The B&Q is in the UK located in Sunderland.

No problemo! Would hate to watch you having a fruitless search for giant mythical correx! I bought the white correx from CPS as it was cheapest (the 1200mm x 810mm sheets) and also bought white duct tape on ebay. Will try and take a pic of the join for you - you can hardly see it.

01-13-07, 03:45 pm
No problems the cubes are just called 'Cube Storage' made by Slemcka. Hope you get some!

Would love to see your cage Daftscotslass. How big is it?
I thought we'd order the white aswell.

Cavy Carnage
01-14-07, 12:16 pm
Thank you!!
We first tried the B&Q at Washington but with no luck so my mum reluctantly (nervous driver) drove me to Sunderland to get some cubes. First time to see the cubes in shops for years. It worked out cheaper to buy them at B&Q than screwfix even with free shipping as you could get 2 boxes of 16 for about 37 online but in B&Q it was 39.96 for 48 grids.

01-16-07, 08:30 am
Our Correx has arrived! We ordered 10 sheets and we'll build the new (4th Edition!) cage on Thursday when we've got plenty of time. Its so exciting!