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01-06-07, 02:57 am
Hey Guys,
I know I don't post very much, but I wanted to share how I created my Hammock out of a spare cube that I had. I would love any ideas that anyone may have to help this project along. And I certainly hope that some of it helps others.

Firstly, I attached the cube to the wall of my cage with cable ties to keep it in place.

Using some christmas light hooks (attachment 2) I created a small chain to hang the front of my hammock to the roof of the cage (attachment 1). Originally, and temporarily, this job was done with cable ties as you can see in my Hammock in the photo gallery.

As a tempory measure until I get time to put together the cover, I have folded up a towel and put it over the cube. However, I intend to create a cover for it and have attached the design (attachment three).

The orange area is where it will be stuffed and is the top. The material will be folded along the black line in the middle. The black spots are going to be press studs (or if that is too hard, regular buttons). The flaps will fold over and clip on to the bottom of the hammock. The use of flaps will allow the material to slide between the cable ties at the back and the chains at the front. The material is going to be fleece.

~ Sera

01-06-07, 08:32 am
Cute idea. How far from the floor will it be?

01-06-07, 04:40 pm
It hangs around half a cube from the floor, so almost 6".