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09-10-04, 04:08 am
Hi everyone,
I am a newbie (to this site; not to piggies) and I was wondering if there were ANY piggies avaliable in Hawaii? We only have the local Humane Society (and pet stores, but I prefer to adapt unwanted piggies), but they rarely get piggies in.

I am currently looking for a couple of piggies that need new homes. I have a 'fixed' peruvian male and a lilac short haired female. Both are very sweet and are very social (and vocal)! They are looking for more friends, so if anyone is from Hawaii (preferably O'ahu; but elsewhere is fine) or knows of anyone from Hawaii who has guinea pigs that need a home, P-L-E-A-S-E let me know.

Lianne (and an anxious Starbucks and Pooh)

09-10-04, 02:18 pm

I should also mention that I have searched everywhere on the internet and called up almost all the pet stores/vets/shelters on this island and can't find any guinea pig breeders. There is only one lady who sells skinny pigs for like $115 - $130!

So anyone from Hawaii please write back.

09-10-04, 07:38 pm
Well, I can tell you that I'm not from Hawaii, but I think I may have something to help.

Look at this! http://www.cavycompendium.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6065.

It's in Maui, I hope this helps!

My Baby Mu
09-10-04, 08:25 pm
I'm not sure if there are any but you could look at www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) for your pets and you could look in the classified ads.

09-11-04, 02:06 am

thank you so much for that website. i did see that and actually contacted them, but because the thread was posted a while back, all the babies have good homes. thank you so much though.

my baby mu,

thank you also for your website. i have checked petfinder (again and again), but there is never anything on guinea pigs in hawaii. i will keep checking though.

thank you lianne

09-11-04, 06:21 pm
ok, I'm sorry. I hope you find some soon!

09-16-04, 12:35 am
hi everyone,

just thought i would let everyone know that i adopted a 1 year old female guinea pig from the local shelter. they finally got one in and so i went down today on my lunch break and got her. she is a little tri-colored abby.

thank you to everyone who tried to help me out. lianne

09-16-04, 05:51 pm
Great! Glad to hear it.