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01-04-07, 05:09 pm
My girlfriend and I just finished our cage last night. Her pig, Layla, has been in it for a little under 24 hours and has finally discovered the coroplast. She has plenty of things to chew on that are actually meant for her to chew on. Is there any way to get her to stop chewing on the coroplast? I know this can't be healthy for her...

01-04-07, 05:43 pm
It isn't healthy but unless she is eating huge amounts she should be fine. When my boys try and chew the sides of their cage I put a pile of hay right in front of what they are chewing. (Even if both hay-racks and the hayloft is full!)

01-04-07, 06:15 pm
If you are using fleece you could try covering all the coroplast by putting it up the sides, and securing it with bulldog clips. That would stop your piggy being able to chew the coroplast.

It is advice that I have seen given to others with the same problem, so I hope it works for you.

01-04-07, 08:07 pm
These are both good ideas. Thanks! I'm sure they will both put the chewing to an end. I tapped her on the nose a bit when I caught her doing it and she has stopped temporarily. But knowing her, she'll be at it again soon.

PS: Not guinea pigs were harmed in the disciplining. She just gets angry when you give her a tiny bop on the nose.

01-04-07, 08:14 pm
Guinea pigs are not cats and dogs they do not understand why you are boping her. They do not know they are doing anything wrong and it will not stop them. (They may quit for a minute but only because they are mad and upset)
It may not hurt them but it will upset them, and it will not stop them.

01-04-07, 08:36 pm
You're right. I never really thought about it. I'm too used to being around dogs I guess. What they say is true, you do learn something new every day. Or, in the case of being a new GP owner, you learn 25 new things every day.

01-04-07, 11:25 pm
Here is another option, that I posted on another post a while back:

If she has just chewed it a little, it is ok. She doesn't need to ingest a lot of it though
If she continues to do it, you may need to cover the coroplast edges with something like those slide on binding bars that you slide a book report down into... you should be able to find them at walmart or freds pretty cheap. See attached pic.
You could also cover the edges with fleece or something like that.