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Res Judicata
01-03-07, 11:29 am
Ok, if someone has asked this before, I apologize. I just did a couple of searches, waded through a lot of posts and didn't find what I was looking for. Therefore, I'm asking. How much space is needed in between levels? I have a limited amount of space to work with right now, which stinks. Can't go down, it'll take up my supply storage, can't go too far up, it'll run into a shelf. Can I put a second level on about halfway up the grids and still give my pigs room to roam on both levels? Getting rid of the shelf is not an option. It may not be the best looking shelf in the world, but my twelve year old son made it for me.

Here's a picture:

Changes have been made to the cage's interior since this picture was taken, but this shot will have to do. It shows the important parts. Don't ask about the grids in the top back corners. My husband put them there "just because."

01-03-07, 02:39 pm
That is a fine looking shelf!

Those extra grids in the corner could come in handy if you build a half height level - you will need to prevent escapees. I see no problem with a half height level atall - just make sure to cover above it to stop aforementioned break-outs!

Look forward to pics!

01-03-07, 02:56 pm
Is it possible to move the shelf to a different place? Or maybe get rid of the stuff underneath it? I've get a shelf about halfway up the petstore care (which is now being replaced with a C and C) and, while they used it and had space, it seemed awfully crammed underneath. It was almost like, while on the bottom, they were living their whole life in a really big tunnel. And it was really hard to work with. But if you cant move them stuff, I would worry. That cage looks plently big enough.

01-03-07, 04:38 pm
I have my upper level halfway up a grid. They love it. It's big enough that they fit underneath but it's almost like a nice big hidey for them. I'll post pictures of it later tonight. The other advantage is that the ramp doesn't have to take up much

01-03-07, 09:40 pm


Res Judicata
01-04-07, 12:40 am
Love the second level, hydrohoki! I'm thinking of doing a hayloft along the left half of the cage because despite a hayrack they'd rather spread it out all over. Might as well give them a whole floor of hay. I'm looking at high sides to keep the hay in, and maybe a very low partition they can step over to help keep the hay off the ramp. If they can't handle that, it'll come out. I'll have to buy some extra grids because I want it closed to keep the kids from reaching into it. If the height's doable, I believe the rest is.

01-04-07, 08:56 am
The only thing about the height that I've found (and I've only had pigs for 3 days so there is probably more) is that it's hard to reach under a halflevel. Mine is only 1 grid deep so it isn't bad. A 2x2 loft would be very difficult to get the pigs out from under and clean under.

Res Judicata
01-20-07, 11:24 pm
I scrapped the half-level idea and made a hay room instead. The outside sides are higher than on the rest of the cage to help keep the hay in, and there's a bit of a lip in the doorway to prevent them from dragging hay all over the fleece when they exit. I'm sure what else, if anything, to stick in there. I just have it lined with newspaper for easy cleaning, but I'm thinking of putting down a towel and laying the newspaper on that to deaden the sound. It's quite noisy when they walk all over in there. Here's a picture of it. I am going to post more in a moment as soon as they finish uploading to Photobucket. Excuse the poops and empty food dish, I haven't swept up the cage yet today, and they've been at the pellets like no other (just don't tell them they're not getting any more until tomorrow morning). :)


Res Judicata
01-20-07, 11:47 pm
Here's a picture of the doorway itself, complete with Cloudy's rear end, and the whole cage set-up. One of these days I'm going to have something nicer than milk crates holding it up.



01-21-07, 12:05 am
Now how inventive was that! It looks great.

I would just use some grids to support the new hay room (so that you can easily vacuum under there) and not worry about the crates under the main cage. They serve the purpose and look fine to me. You could always spray paint them black to blend in more, if they bug you.

Awesome job!

01-29-07, 05:38 pm
This is a really neat idea. Thanks for sharing the pictures.