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01-02-07, 01:12 pm
Hi! I have a guinea pig (female) for 2 years, and she has always lived alone. Now that my husband and I are trying to make a new and bigger cage for her, Im considering to get another guinea pig to make her company.
My question: is there a problem with that? I mean, shes already 2 years old. Will they probably fight or not get along well? I should adopt a baby or a guinea pig of her age?
And I want a female, because I dont want any problems with breeding.

Res Judicata
01-02-07, 01:30 pm
A younger guinea pig might be a better choice. Adults tend to take babies under their wings and do not see them as a threat to their dominance that an adult would be. But you will have to put up with a baby pig testing the limits when she reaches puberty. There might be some challenges to dominance then.

01-02-07, 02:44 pm
A baby or gentle neutered male would work.

01-02-07, 04:44 pm
Thank you for the tips!

01-02-07, 10:32 pm
Thank you for posting this! I've been considering getting my Chloe a new friend (female of course).