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01-01-07, 03:42 pm
Hey, All!

We're new to the forum, and we have a question. We have a guinea pig (named Mr. Melville Fats, though he is in quite athletic shape!) and feel he needs a bigger cage. We've seen a few made out of those college-style storage blocks, but don't know where to get the basin that goes inside of them. Can anybody make a recomendation?


Donnie & Kris

Jessi B
01-01-07, 03:47 pm
You can get the coroplast (what the bottom is made out of) from any sign shop. They normally have it in stock and for a relatively reasonable price, just call around to your local sign shops and ask if they have coroplast, or corogated plastic. Tell them what you are going to be using it for. Sometimes they will reduce their price if they know its for a guinea pig cage! Also Target has the organize-it grid for like $13.00 for 26 grids. Hope this helped! But deffinitely shop around, some places charge 25 bucks and others 8. It comes in a 8 ft sheet. You can get them to cut it down for you if you want. (The coroplast I mean)

01-01-07, 03:50 pm
The stuff that the bottom is made out of is usually called coroplast. Its what people use to make signs(for sale, political,etc.). I dont know where you live, so I can't give you a name of a store, but its found in hareware stores.

01-01-07, 04:14 pm
Here's detailed instructions on how to make the cage http://www.guineapigcages.com/howto.htm
Best of luck to you!

01-01-07, 09:52 pm
Thanks for all of your help! We think we're going to make him a cage that is 2x2 grid tiles. We live in an aparment and don't immediately have the space for something larger. Right now, he's in what I think a different section of the web site called a "glorified litter box," so it's an upgrade either way.

Thanks again!

01-01-07, 09:56 pm
And if you don't feel like gathering the supplies yourself, you can go here to order one: http://www.guineapigcages.com/buycc.htm

01-01-07, 10:05 pm
Please do try to move a few thing around and try to make him a cage at least 2x3. That extra space really does make a big difference to your pet and is only a minor inconveniance for you.

01-07-07, 07:51 pm
Hey, All,

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, we couldn't find coroplast anywhere! We found some corrogated plastic signs, but they were all too small! We did check at the Home Depot. Where else can we look? (We're near D.C.)


Donnie & Kris

01-07-07, 07:55 pm
Do you have a FastSigns near you? I called every sign shop in the phone book before realising I had FastSigns not too far from me. I got some from some people who had sign businesses from their home.

01-07-07, 08:18 pm
Check out sign stores. Also you can order it online from this site.

Slave to the Wheek
01-09-07, 02:55 pm
Actually, that isn't a different section of the web. That is the home page for this forum. lol. Yep, you've come to the horse's mouth for help on building a good Cube and Coroplast cage, other wise known as a "CC" cage.

If you click on "Home" at the top of this page, then look on the left side of the page you will see a "materials" section as well as a "where to find" link.

If you put your info in there you'll find out where others found them in your own area. Not only sign stores, but also "plastics" stores sell coroplast. It depends on your area though. I found mine at a place called "Tap Plastics" which is a store that sells plastic stuff for designers. (weird huh?)

The manufacturer is based out of Dallas, TX and you wouldn't believe how many people in Dallas claim they can't find coroplast. :sarcastic So be sure to do the search rather than assume it's too hard. Keep us updated on your progress too. If you are in a rural area though, you may have to order it online. It's big but it's lightweight so shipping shouldn't be overly expensive. I think I saw one company that didn't even charge shipping.

By the way the term Coroplast is a brand name, like Kleenex so you will want to also watch for terms like Correx as well, which is the British manufacturers name. It's corrugated plastic and it comes in several thicknesses. All the details on in the information pages off the home page.

piggly wiggly
01-09-07, 03:38 pm
Home Depot sells it and there it is called corugated plastic. It is in the same section with the plexiglass.

01-09-07, 06:28 pm
I swore up and down that we did not have room for a bigger cage. Then I became addicted to cage building. We went from a store cage, to a 1x3, to a 1x3 with a 1x2 loft, to a 2x3 with a 1x3 loft, to a 2x3 3 story, to a 2x4 with 2 - 1x2 lofts, to finally a 2x5 with a 2x2 loft. All this in the same room. The only thing we removed was a dresser. We then actually used the cubes in the manner in which they were intended. We have a 8 cubes (2x4) in the bottom of the closet and storage bins for her clothes. Hard to believe that 3 1/2 yrs ago I said we had not room for a bigger cage.

01-09-07, 08:53 pm
You can do what I did. Lay a shower curtain on the bottom, then newspaper, then towels, then a nice fleece blanket. Works really nice....And it's cheap too!

01-10-07, 10:07 am
I live in Northern Virginia, just outside of DC- Fourwabby's is right. Most of the sign stores here sell sheets of coroplast. I got our coroplast at Fast Signs. I called around and checked other sign stores, but they had the best price. I would also encourage you to think about making the cage larger. It really does make a huge difference and both of you and Mr. Melville Fats will be much happier.

01-10-07, 11:51 am
The manufacturer is based out of Dallas, TX and you wouldn't believe how many people in Dallas claim they can't find coroplast. That is the manufacturer they do not sell it to people, they sell it to stores and stores charge whatever they want for it.
Little off topic but, all the workers there went on strike recently. They were marching around the store with picket signs.(wonder what the signs were made of)

Percy's Mom
01-10-07, 02:22 pm
Home Depot sells it and there it is called corugated plastic. It is in the same section with the plexiglass.As far as I know, this is only in Canada. From what I've seen personally and asked other US forum members, the Home Depots in the US do not sell coroplast.

piggly wiggly
01-10-07, 03:02 pm
Oh sorry Percys mom, I did not realize it was not sokd at U.S Home Depot's.

01-13-07, 08:10 am
One of my pigs, Charlie, is currently living in a 2x2 on his own. He's had some pretty nasty physical health problems so can't live in his usual 2 level 2x6 C&C cage with his 3 girls. Once you get your piggie in there, with the food dish and hay rack, and a few small toys, space can run a lot lower than you might expect.


In this pigture, you can see how small a 2x2 is once you have pig and hay in. True you only see part of the cage, but this is three quarters of the entire thing.