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01-01-07, 09:14 am
I want to make a ramp up to a next level of the cage. I have some plastic ramps that came with the cage. Are they ok to use?
If not, what should I use?

Cassidy forever
01-01-07, 01:56 pm
Do you have a C&C cage? If not buy the materials and build it yourself or go to http://www.guineapigcages.com/buycc.htm to buy a cage. If you have/get a C&C cage you can bend 2 grids 95 degrees and put coroplast ibetween the grids and footholds.

01-01-07, 04:14 pm
We would need more info in order to help you. What kind of cage do you have? What do the ramps look like?

01-01-07, 10:05 pm
If you have a C&C cage the other option besides grids is using thick 6-10mm coroplast that is 24-28 inchs long and 7 inches wide.

01-02-07, 12:28 pm
With the ramp... if it has gaps you need to cover it. Just like everyone is talking about with the CC cages. If you dont have extra grids you can bend you could probably use what you have, as long as you cover it with something firm/soft on the GP's feet, and something that you can put along side it so that there is no possible way for them to fall off.