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12-24-06, 11:24 pm
I found a dwarf rabbit for adoption and we are seriously considering adopted him after the holidays!
But back to the point, would a 2 by 4 with a 2 by 1 (possibly a 2 by 2) shelf be enough room? Any other info about rabbits would also be great. I have read House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org) from top to bottom so I know all the basics.
I figured oxbow rabbit food would be a good quality food but figured I would ask to be on the safe side.

12-25-06, 01:21 am
A 2x4 should be fine. You are going to have the rabbit out often for floor time right? Possibly even have him as a house rabbit? If so then it should all be good.

Oxbow is a very good food for rabbits. It's all I will use.

12-25-06, 09:31 am
I have a 2 x 4 with three levels for my dwarf rabbit and it is plenty of room for him when he is not out in my room. He spends most of his time on the bottom floor, but does enjoy jumping up onto the other levels.

Oxbow is a great quality food and I would highly reccomend it.

12-25-06, 10:24 am
Yes, he would be out of the cage for most of the day he would be but up at night and mabye a few hours during the day. I figured oxbow was good but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I know rabbits are social but I can only adopt one for now, because I will have to spay him/her. After that I will look into expanding my rabbit family.
Thanks for the help.

12-25-06, 12:41 pm
Good news, we will defiantly be adopting a rabbit! I have to contact the person in Houston and talk to them and hopefully I will have a rabbit in the next week or two, and if the rabbit isn't already spayed I'll have to make an appointment with a vet. I also have all the supplies left over from the old guinea pigs cage.

12-26-06, 11:45 pm
Ok I am browsing through the Buddy Bunnies (Rabbit fostering group out of houston) adoptables and in the process of building my cage, and I was wondering if you think a 2 by 2 or two 2 by 1s on either side of the cage was better? (hope you know what i'm talking about)

12-27-06, 12:39 am
I think you'd have an easier time cleaning two 2x1 shelves, unless you add an extra door by the 2x2. Also keep in mind when you're building that you need to be able to reach the rabbits at all times in case of emergency.

I used to have a 4x2 cage for two dwarf rabbits. It had a second level that was 1x4. It needed support in the middle but I really liked it and so did they. They used to run up and down that shelf with their toys. And I could easily clean it and reach them no matter where they were.

12-27-06, 02:25 am
It will be on the floor so my rabbit can get in and out during the day, so reaching him shouldn't be a problem. I like the 1 by 4 design, if I can find enough linoleum I think I will try it.:cheerful:

12-27-06, 09:36 am
If you are adopting and you want to have more then one rabbit eventually you may want to look into getting a bonded pair. It will make your life so much easier and your rabbits happier if they already have a friend.

12-27-06, 12:18 pm
Buddy Bunny only has one pair of bonded rabbits and they can't go to a home with kids.

12-28-06, 12:27 am
Alright, we talked with somebody in charge of the adoptions and we will be going to a get together at a shelter in Houston where people will bring their foster rabbits and the shelter rabbits will be there so you can pick the rabbit that best suits your personality.

01-01-07, 01:30 am
Congradulations on your rabbits. I have a bonded pair and they are such a joy. Mine have use of a whole bathroom to themselves. I had trouble keeping my female in a cage and a dog out of her cage. Being in the bathroom, the door is closed and no other animals can get in. Mine are lops.
Keep us posted and pictures when you get yours.

01-01-07, 06:46 pm
I will not be getting a rabbit right now.:sad: We will be getting some in a few years, when we have more time and space. I wish I could get one now but I don't want a rabbit, unless I can do it right.
Thanks everyone for your help, I will not use is a soon as I would have liked but I will use.