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12-19-06, 02:53 pm
Hello we're completely new to C&C cages so would appreciate your advice please. We manged to get some grids after a lot of searching and we've made a 3X3 1/2 (had to overlap grids) cage. We couldnt get corex yet but we will eventually! So we tried lino - no good - then joined two large cage petshop plastic bottoms together - brilliant - but we now have the problem of the sides in the middle of the cage. I hope this makes sense? This means the pigs have to jump over about 3 1/2 inches to get from one side to the other. They seem fine but I'm worried they'll catch themselves. Any suggestions to solve this please? I dont want to use fleece on the bottom as we have put it on the upper deck and their food is downstairs.

12-19-06, 03:18 pm
You could build a ramp over it, cut about an 8 inch section to let them pass, or put in a couple of bricks and stack them to make stairs on both sides. The brick option would be a good one because then it would give them something for their nails.

12-19-06, 03:24 pm
Thankyou - the brick idea is great. We have some outside so we'll wash them and put them in tommorrow.

12-19-06, 04:05 pm
What went wrong with the lino? I use it and have never had a problem.

12-19-06, 04:18 pm
I think it was my fault partly and it was cheap lino - it kept tearing when I was making it into a tray. And I didnt leave the sides high enough the mess this morning was unbelievable. We're hoping to track down some coreplast/corex soon.

12-19-06, 04:35 pm
I bought a roll of lino that was on sale at home depot, but I made my 3 sides really high.
Here's what mine looked like.

12-20-06, 04:52 pm
I can see how that would work well. We'll try again - thankyou!