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12-18-06, 11:01 am
So I have a Tom Cruise Guinea Pig. I've made several kinds of hay racks but he always finds a way to get it to the racks! I want the hay to last longer but when he gets in there he pees and poos all over the hay. Any crafty ideas? I've used zip ties, twine, I need a really solid idea...:crazy:

12-18-06, 11:05 am
Try a bird feeder like you put those bird food blocks in. They have them at walmart and they usually have hooks that you can hang them on the cage with or you could use ties.

12-18-06, 12:10 pm
I have one of those piggies too!

I have tried putting the rack up as high as it will go - but she still crept up and in there! My first deterrent was to cable tie coroplast sides to the rack I also made a coroplast 'lid' - cable tied to the grids. That works well! (Just make sure you put a grid above, so he can't disappear over the top of the cage!

With my cage extension, I have come up with another form of 'anti-climbing-in-device'! Here is Marble (the great explorer) demonstrating that her hay rack clambering days are over!

http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/data/520/medium/IMG_6366.JPG (http://javascript<b></b>:;)

This rack is a bent grid, attatched to the upper floor grids with cable ties. Again, it has coroplast ends - but this time, the end is only secured at one side to make a hinge - so that it opens like a gate for refilling. This is the pigs' favorite hay rack - of three!

Another idea I have seen, is a bent grid turned on it's end, a vertical hayrack - you fill it from the top. Have yet to try this - but think it's a great idea!

Check out the hayrack section of the galleries for more ideas!

12-18-06, 04:31 pm
Ditto Jarbax. You can bend a grid and use coroplast or cardboard to cover the ends and top (just make sure you hinge it somehow so you have access to refill hay). Then you can either attach it to the side of the cage, top of the 2nd floor, urn it up on end, or you can even just lay it with the coroplast covered top flat on the cage bottom so they can access the hay through the grid sides but they cant get through either end. Works well, and has curbed my hay box dwellers as well.

Slave to the Wheek
12-19-06, 04:10 am
I gave in. If they want to play in hay I let them do it. I just get my hay by the bulk from KMS and it's so cheap that I don't care. At a third the cost regular hay I just waste it to my hearts content. Now I just use a haybox and put the hay over a bent grid. They go under the grid to eat and pull it down and eat it. Then I end up tossing about 30 percent of it away.

12-19-06, 01:41 pm
You can try putting the hay bin on the outside. Here is what we did:


Percy's Mom
12-19-06, 01:56 pm
I'm thinking about doing something like that DaCourt. Is it working well for you?

12-19-06, 03:00 pm
Great idea!
With 7 pigs that already go through a minimum of 4-5 lbs of hay a week without wasting, I can't afford to let them pee on half their hay. :eye-poppi I like to spoil them with lots of veggies, and they have to have the hay, so I have to cut costs somewhere (by not letting them waste). I just ordered a 35 lb box of hay and 10 lbs of pellets from KM for a total 50.00. That will last me around 6 weeks. Compound that with about 12.00-15.00 week in veggies.
I do go to the feed store and buy the cheaper 5.00 bales of bermuda grass to stuff in their hideys and to play in--at that rate I can afford for them to waste it. But the good stuff that is intended for eating....need not be played in ;)

12-19-06, 10:27 pm
It worked well for a while. Only problem is, I should have had more than one. One pig was always left on the outside. There was only room for 2 pigs at a time.

We found the bins at the Container Store. They are stackable so one side is lower making it easy to fil with hay. We put a piece of coro on the bottom to kepp the hay from falling through. I made the coro wider than the container and cut slits in for it to go through the bars of the grids. This kept any from falling through the gap. THen use zip ties to secure tightly.