View Full Version : Please help some guinea pigs in melbourne!

12-10-06, 04:45 am
Hey all,

I am posting on behalf of a very good friend of mine in melbourne. She is leaving to go on holidays next wednesday and the one person she relied on to pig sit is not suitable at all.

If anyone knows of a pig sitter or a place in melbourne where she can take her pigs (she will be gone 2 months) or if anyone is even willing to pig sit for her it would be greatly appreciated. I need to know quickly if anyone can help, I would be forever grateful. Please help these poor pigs out, she wants the best care for them and im in sydney so I cannot help.

Pm me with any details if you personally are willing to help, or even if you know of anyone at all!

12-10-06, 03:57 pm
How many pigs does she have?

12-10-06, 04:16 pm
Hey kathrynj, I'm the person Fluffball is talking about (she was kind enough to help me post about it as I wasn't a member until today), I have 2 guinea pigs.

Do you know anyone who would help me?


12-10-06, 09:43 pm
Yeah I was gonna ask on the acs forum but i see you already did lol