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08-30-04, 11:47 am
Hello, I recently purchased a French Lop I knew nothing about. We think she is quite young since she is no longer then my foot (womens size 11) and her ears go only about a half in past her face. The problem is she seems wild. I know nothing about her past history, the place where I got her had just had her dropped off. She hardly ever lets me get near her and when I do try to hold her she shreds my arms trying to get away. I have done nothing that I know of to spook her in any way or make her not trust me, please tell me how I can fix this. Do I hold her more often? Let her have her space?

08-30-04, 05:56 pm
I don't know much about bunnies, but for animals in general here's a few tips...

Get her associating you with good things like food. Choose a sound to make whenever you give her food such as clicking your tongue, calling her name, kissing noises, whatever. Do this every single time you come with food. She'll start associating that sound both with you and with food.

Also, without picking her up, see if you can get her to start eating food from your hand. You can start by sticking the food through the cage bars which would be less threatening than sticking your arm in. It might also help to crouch down so there's less of you towering over her.

Once you have her eating from your hand, you can try reaching in and petting her. Once she'll take that, you can stroke her every time you bring her food (still making the noises).

Eventually you should be able to pick her up and hand feed her in your lap and she'll put up with you for longer and longer. When you do pick her up keep her feeling as secure as possible. With both scared cats and pigs, they don't like their legs dangling (so maybe the same with rabbits). I try to pick them up so that my hand is underneath them (like a floor) and hold them firm so they don't feel unsteady. I then transfer to a steady surface (like against my chest or on my lap) ASAP. Most animals feel very vulnerable when unsupported or in an odd position like belly up and will freak out unless they trust you completely.

With a spooked animal, this can be a VERY long process. Be patient and take baby steps. It may be months before you start bonding with her. I had a cat that took years before she would stop bolting from the room every time we made a sudden movement but now she's friendly and lovable.

08-30-04, 08:17 pm
I have two dwarf bunnies. They sit with me on the floor, they like to come up to me and interact but they do not like to held and cuddled like my piggies. I can sit with them and brush them but when they have had enough they go there own way. Here are some links for some additional information House rabbit society (http://www.rabbit.org/) and Morfz (http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/rabrefs.html).

08-31-04, 08:23 pm
Whenever you get a new pet they are going to be scared. I would give her some time. Let her know you are not going to hurt her. YOu can just open her cage and pet her. Just do everything gradually.

04-04-05, 09:22 am
French lops are very friendly bunnies so if she is like this its because she wasnt handled from a young age. French lops can be woppers weighing up to 20 lbs! Are you sure its a girl? How long have you had her because if you havent had her long I would suggest you let her settle into her new home for about 5 days. If you've had her longer start handling her, do you know how to handle a rabbit because a rabbit needs to feel safe when picked up they dont like there legs to be dangling. To pick her up put one hand under her chest just behind her front legs and use the other hand to scoop her up under her back legs, hold her gently but firmly. Gradually handle her for longer each day, start off with a couple of minutes depending on her. Have patience and good luck.

04-04-05, 10:19 am
In case you havent realized the post is dated August, 04.

04-05-05, 11:48 am
In case you havent realized the post is dated August, 04.Have now, didnt think to look for dates, other forums dont seem to have posts as old as this one