View Full Version : How can you make the best of store bought cages?

12-04-06, 05:17 am
I know there is alot of people that don't or can't have/buy C&C cages, so is there anyway you can make the best of store bought cages?

12-04-06, 07:13 am
I guess to attach two or more store bought cages together might work. Not sure how but I'm sure I've seen people do that before. Everyone should be able to make C&C cages though - all the materials were too far for me so I had them delivered to my house.

12-04-06, 07:45 am
cool thanks, Im making an alternative to a C&C cage with a bookcase and wire shelves I think x

12-04-06, 08:52 am
The best use for a pet store cage, is probably just handy to have for transporting pigs to the vet, or for quarantine purposes.

When you are building your bookcase cage, make sure you have at least one level that is at least 7.5 square feet in area. Also, you'll probably still need coroplast to line the shelves, or they will get wet and gross.

12-04-06, 09:03 am
When I had several pigs brought here by a shelter after a hurricane exacuation I used store bought cages that had been donated and used large pvc pipes that ran from the door into a large rubbermaid bin that had a hole drilled into it and the sides cut down. I glued carpet into the bottom of the pvc pipe for traction and the pigs although scared from transport seemed to feel right at home. I did a total of two of these cages and while they were not pretty, they gave the pigs the space they needed using what I had on hand.

12-04-06, 09:22 am
I was thinking of using Lino. And with towels and fleece.

12-04-06, 03:21 pm
Store bought cages make great:
Quarantine cages (for new pigs, or sick pigs you are treating)
Vet Visit transport cages
Hay lofts when attached to an existing cage
To hold gp supplies such as food, hay, fleece
and to have on hand should an emergency evacuation be necc. such as a house fire etc.