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12-03-06, 10:58 am
I've been wanting to get a rat for a while and would love to hear everything and anything about your experiences with them. Also how long do they live for? Id love to pro long their lives as much as possible, I love seeing pictures of them, they are so cute :cheerful:

04-02-07, 07:07 pm
I have three ratties, Napoleon, Jitterbug, and Toffee.

They live 2-3 years and the longest lived rat was a lab rat :sad: at 7 years and I think 2 months. Will post more information later.

04-06-07, 04:05 pm
I haven't had rats for over a year now but they made amazing pets. They are super intelligent and mine were very affectionate. I've had a total of seven rats over a period of about ten years. They were all common hooded rats and the longest they have lived was nearly three years. I've only ever had two issues with rats. One being my second rat Samantha had a tooth that just kept on growing uncontrollably. The other was my last rat Meiling that ended up having a tumor and died shortly after discovery of the tumor. We stopped having rats after my mother developed an allergy to them.

04-06-07, 04:48 pm
When you get a rat, you are almost guaranteed to have it die of a tumor. Rodents are just born like that. I agree that rats do make wonderful pets. :)

Wheek Weak
04-07-07, 02:50 pm
We had five rats about 5 or 6 years ago. We just loved them dearly. They were so affectionate, smart, and funny!

Our two boys, Chip and Snickers, would stand on their hind legs, face to face, and "box" with each other until Snickers would give up and run over to me and hide under my dress for protection.

One night we had went to bed and my husband got up to use the bathroom. About 10 minutes later, we felt something moving around our legs. We tried to get out of the bed slowly, in case it was one of our babies, yet quickly, in case it wasn't! We got out and pulled the covers back and there was Sissy looking at us with her happy little beady eyes wanting to play! We had accidently left the top off of the cage. She was the only one out, and when she saw Tim go to the bathroom and back, she followed him up into the bed!

We had our hearts torn out with the death of each, and every, one of them. We still talk about them and remember how doggone cute they were and how much joy we got out of sharing our life with them. We just can't bring ourselves to get anymore because of the heartache of losing them way to soon due to the tumors, etc.

If you can be strong enough to be realistic about how soon you may lose them, I know you would thoroughly enjoy rats as fantastic pets, friends, and companions. They can steal your heart before you know it!

04-13-07, 06:12 pm
I am so weird, I obviously love guinea pigs, and think squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, and ferrets are adorable. But when there is a mouse in the house I freak out if it runs past me and goes near me. But I think if I had one as a pet it would be another story. And as for rats, the long scaly tail...I don't know if I would like it...I guess I'm so used to them being like the common stereotype about them, living in dumpsters and sewers, and carrying diseases. But I heard they are as smart as dogs and cats and can be affectionate. Do they like being held?? Are they easy to care for, compared to guineas?? Do you rat owners like having them as pets?

Well so anyway, I guess I'm kind of adding on to Fluffballs questions then...He he...Sorry.

04-15-07, 09:20 pm
I have two female rats - Angel's a blue rat and Princess is a double rex. I find them to be incredible pets. Both will come when you call them by name, are litter box trained, and it's nice to actually have them come running to be picked up and loved on! They crave attention and will play similar to a cat. They pounce on my hand and play tag, and enjoy most cat or bird toys. The short life span does bother me. I haven't had to deal with any losses yet, as Angel and Princess are my first, but if you could see the genuine affection they show, it's bound to be heartbreaking...

06-10-07, 06:53 pm
I just recently adopted two young rats.. amusingly enough after promising my summer roommate that I wouldn't! lol It was funny, I went to the animal rescue that I got Snowy and Patch from to pick up some Coroplast that they had for me (the people who run it are so nice!) and went to see the litter of puppies that they just got (they are so cute.. they look like my dog when he was a puppy), and I spotted the baby rats that had just been born to a pregnant mommy they rescued! They are about 2-3 months old (I think... I forgot what Barb said). My little girls are named Flip and Flop... they're beige hooded rats, and they fit their names perfectly. Flip is a spazz... she runs up and down my arm when I hold her, but Flop just comes up to my shoulder, kisses me on the face, and is such a little lovebug. Rats are awesome pets, I had wanted one since I was a kid, and this pair is perfect for me! Their cage is right next to my Fantastic Foursome's (my guinea pigs) and both of them stick their noses at each other (as close as they can get). Yay for the big old family we got going on here!


07-30-07, 03:02 pm
I have one rat right now named Kisses because she loves to give kisses to everyone. She's an old girl and can no longer control her bladder. She recently went to the vets to get a tumor removed from her arm it was about the size of her head when we discovered it. She is still alive and the fur is starting to grow back on her arm. She is 3 and a half years old.

08-02-07, 11:27 am
Bad news. 2 weeks after getting her tumor removed, the vet found cancer. She was in severe pain and had to be put down. We just got a new rat. She is 2 months old. She is gray and white with a bit of golden.

08-02-07, 06:07 pm
CavyLover94, did you know it's not good for them to be kept singly? They do well in groups of at least 2 or more. They get too lonely by themselves and they can get stressed more easily if they are alone even if they have human company.

When I got my first Rattie, Lil T, she was alone for a few weeks and she seemed to come alive when I got Izzy.

08-02-07, 06:29 pm
Hey Fluffball :-) Can't say that one without a little snicker! Ratties are awesome. Let's see, over the years I have had 9, I think, well between my brother and I. The one that lived the longest was my first rattie, Abigail. She was the sweetest thing from day one. I brought her home and she sat perched on my shoulder, half way under my t-shirt (her favorite hiding place), and watched a movie with me! She loved doing that. They are silly, fun, intelligent creatures. And though I stopped bringing them home because after losing 9 ratties, your heart just can't take it again, I would and do recommend them to everyone.

I have to tell you a story about my ratties... At the time it was Abby and Lizzy. The two were cagemates and loved eachother to death. Nothing could seperate them. One day, my brother and I though we could use an old cage, and wire it together with their current cage, and give them more space! Creative right? Well, yeah, but ratties were more creative. We left the house to do some shopping and when we returned the wire had been unwrapped, cages pushed apart, and ratties no where to be found. We tore the house apart, called them with treats, we did this for hours. Finally, we found Abby hiding behind my dresser, as was her personality, shy and calm. But Lizzy was gone. We had a cat, and since we were in the midst of moving into a new house, the front door was wide open. We cried and were sure we had lost her. 3 days went by and we had given up on her, but in the middle of the night, while I was sound asleep, I felt little paws crawling on my tummy! Lizzy had found her way back into my room, crawled into my bed and laid down on my tummy, and fell asleep! We were so happy she came back! Man are they smart little things :-)

So if you ask me, get a rat. They rock :-)

Heidi, Mama Dolce, Giovanni, and baby Sukki

08-31-07, 11:31 pm
Yes Ly, I do know that. Kisses's personality didn't match any rat we tried. Now though we have added two more rats. They were rescued by a little boy. The man was breeding too many rats to count to be food for his snake. We got them from a rescue and are working on taming them.