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11-26-06, 05:14 pm
I'm in the process of giving my pigs a new and improved cage. They're getting moved into a nook that's near the TV and everything so they're around us more. It took forever to find coroplast, but I finally got it today, so the cage building is on.

I altered my plans from my original plans a little bit because of the size of the tables we're using. The boys will have a 3x4 with a 2x3 added on to make a "L". The girls will have a 2x6. When put together, the cages will make a "U" shape. The cage is propped up only about 6 inches from the ground, so floor time will be a breeze. Just close off the entry to the nook and let the boys out, then when they're done, the girls will have a turn. It's close enough to the ground that they can hop back in to go potty (hopefully lol ) and come back out to play. I'm keeping it all one level for right now to make it easy to clean. Later on, I might add a small loft to each cage.

Right now, we finally took apart their old cage and the pigs are in their own runs. We just finished putting the tables together, and are ordering some pizza. Once dinner's done, we'll get right into the building. I'll post pictures once it's all complete. The cage will actually match this time. lol It's the regular spaced black grids with white coro. My old cages were a mishmash of different color mesh and regular grids and yellow and white coro. It will finally all match.

Pictures soon to come!

11-26-06, 10:10 pm
Sounds like you are building a castle!!

Can hardly wait to see some pictures of it.

11-27-06, 11:27 am
Sounds really good! Hope the building all went smoothly! Looking forward to seeing pictures!

11-27-06, 01:55 pm
All finished! I didn't have time to upload the pics last night, so here they are. I altered the plans a little bit once I started putting it together. I managed to fit 6 1/2 grids along the back wall and gave the girls a little more space than originally planned.

Cage in progress:
The tables all set up. They were just homemade out of left over wood to get the cage a little off the ground.

Setting up the grids.

In the process of fitting the coro.

And Voila!!!!! All done!

11-27-06, 02:03 pm
It looks great! I have to redo my cage soon, and I'm thinking I'll go for a U-shape too. Must be nice to be able to reach the whole cage easily.