View Full Version : Still unable to post picture

11-26-06, 04:42 pm
I received an email from an administrator stating that the site is undergoing some changes so I should be able to post more picture to the site. However, I noticed there have been plenty of new picture posting since I got this email in mid-November and I'm still unable to post. When I click on the process picture, I get an error message and am unable to continue. Please help. I would like to be able to at least post pictures with the membership I just purchased.
Kim Hinrichsen

11-26-06, 05:28 pm
Your donation to the site is not 'purchasing membership.' No one has to buy membership here.

I didn't send out such an email in mid-November. Please email me personally with the email you are referring to [email protected] Also, I am upgrading the forum software right now, so I won't be able to trouble-shoot your particular problem until that is done--hopefully later today/tonight.