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08-27-04, 08:35 am
We have to move the little dears outside and would like to do it the very best to benefit our piggys. Any ideas as to how to start... safety.. adaquate shelter etc.. thanks

08-27-04, 08:49 am
you might want to have a look at the photo gallery if you haven't already.

08-27-04, 10:49 am
Just a question, why? Is there any possible way they can stay inside? Rearranging the furniture may help if you need some space. It did for me! Good luck! =)

08-27-04, 11:08 am
I would love to keep those squeeking little loves in the house .. but we are going to be caring for my ill father and he is allergic to everything.. i think i am on that list too.. I have a baby and a ten year old now a ill parent and just building this cage is going to be a chore.. i have to call our handy man.. explain what i want and cross my fingers.. i was hoping to get some sort of "plan" guess not.. thanks for all the help. I was even thinking about letting someone adopt them if that ment they could be inside ... and around family.. they love it so.. my daughter agreed that piggies should be were ever that is the best for the piggies.. we love them so .. and they are so worth an outside taj ma hall but .. i know they are ment to be inside.. :(

08-27-04, 12:25 pm
I'm sorry about that. How long will you be caring for him? If it is for a long time, you could consider adding on a small space to your house that is seperate, although they really are meant to be with people, not alone. You may want to consider adopting them out. Though I know it will be extremely hard on you, it may just be the best thing for you and your piggies right now. I hope you can figure this one out! =)