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11-23-06, 07:06 am
Hello Ladies,

I have one question.

I made a tent for my 2 boys and they really LOVE it. They spend most of the time there when they realax or sleep.

As i cleaned the cage I couldnīt belive what I my eys saw. There was pee everywhere on the cotton fabric. Higher sometimes than the piggies are.

I made a new one and the same happen again. I am confused, since it seems like they both really liked it.

Hubby is thinking, that the tent was to small for both of them (if one piggy is in, it is making itself long and the other one has nos space). Could it be, that one piggy was jealouse and peed on the tent wall to protest?

I would be glad for any information.

Thank you,

11-23-06, 08:46 am
I think pigs just like to pee where they sleep. Can you wash the tent?

11-23-06, 09:36 am
Maybe they were urine spraying? That could explain why the pee stains were so high. Prehaps they sprayed because one pig was too close to them. My pigs often spray eachother if one comes close up behind them and they get defensive/uncomfortable so they spray a jet or stream of urine .

Making the tent bigger may stop this behavior.

11-24-06, 01:43 am
We have a little tent ourselves from a shop (not a petshop but they have ap et section, with no living animals) and the tent has a bottom (easy when you try to pick them up) but they pee and poo all over it, I ussualy have to shake out the poo's each day and leave the pee to dry to give it to them again and then once a week or so I put it in the laundry. I considered taking the bottom out but that would just ruin it I think. Although I could put some coroplast on the bottom and put a towel untop of it or something. But if your pigs make the walls wet as well, You could consider making two tents or make the tent bigger.

Tents are a big hit with my pigs and it's definetaly recommended to make one.

12-06-06, 11:58 am
Thank you for your respond. I tried to make a bigger tent and washed it, but it didn't work. I have a lot of old clothes, so i can make som tend once a month...lol...

Maybe they just didn't want to share it with each other. I should probably make 2 tents so they won't fight about it.


Slave to the Wheek
12-09-06, 01:48 am
Pigs pee anywhere they go. The only solution is to always put some kind of liner or pad under their hidey spots . Make a washable pad, or line it with a wash towel and change it out daily.

Or, your can simply remove the bottom so that they go straignt onto the bedding.