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11-21-06, 08:32 pm
I just found out that one of my baby guinea pigs that I gave away died. His name was louie. Also i was devistated when I went to check on the pigs and found one of the baby guinea pigs dieing. I was so sad because this was on the night of my chorus concert. My mom tried rushing him to the emergency vets but he died in my arms. My heart had dropped dead and this was just before I found out that the other baby i gave away died. I was going to name him elvan after my friends pig. This pig looked just like hers that passed away. I feel like I have no heart left.:weepy:

11-22-06, 08:33 am
Are they any other baby pigs left from that litter? It sounds like they may need a trip to the vets office to make sure that the other pigs are in ok health. Two young pigs just do not die for no reason :(

I am sorry for your loss.

11-22-06, 01:13 pm
They were from two different litters. Elvan was taken to the vets when he was little and they said he was to little and we think something was wrong with his heart but the vet said how little he was she couldn't do anything. The other one had a checkup when he was with me but i don't know if they took him to the vets.They don't know the cause of the death. Also one of the mothers I recued she was a runt and she has to go to the vets every month because she is still very tiny. All guinea pigs I have go to the vets at least once a year.