View Full Version : I found grids!!! I am so excited......

11-17-06, 08:14 pm
I am in Australia, and finding grids is like looking for hen's teeth, so I was so excited when I found some in Bunnings this morning. I been enviously looking at your wonderful cages, and now my piggies can have one too!!

I have to track some corflute down now, and I will share a picture when I have made it.

I can't wait!!! Thanks for all the wonderful advice.

11-18-06, 03:20 am
I'm curious. I've been told that the Bunning's grids are somehow inferior to the grids that we are used to.

Are they made out of metal? Do they appear to have a very thin coating of plastic to cover the metal? That's what ours are like.

What are the exact dimensions of the grids?

Thanks so much.

11-18-06, 04:00 am
I don't know what the others are like, but these are 14" square, metal with vinyl coating. They have worked so well, and the piggies are having a ball with so much space!!!

Now I am looking at making fleecies for the bottom of the cage, because I use straw at the moment. I have since learned from you all here that it isn't great to use, and the fleecies will be more comfy for them.

I am still trying to make a good ramp, and have been looking at the pictures and suggestions here. You are all so great to learn from. Thank you!!

I will post a picture soon.

11-18-06, 04:56 am
The Bunnings Grids aren't as good as the grids from say, Big W, since the plastic can flake off very easily. But, I would suggest making the corflute so that it covers all the grids so that your pigs can't get to the grids. But as a temporary solution, you can cover it with towels.

11-18-06, 05:20 am
I have looked everywhere for grids and they don't have them anywhere. I have check and re checked Big W, Kmart etc, and had no luck. Bunnings were the only place I could find them, so I don't know what the others are like.

I am looking for corflute now (using cardboard at the moment), so that is the next mission......

11-26-06, 11:05 pm
I am still working on the next level, but the piggies are really happy with it already It is a 4 x 2 with shavings (the safe type, I checked) for bedding.

http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n39/Ruftybear/th_generalphotos378-1.jpg (http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n39/Ruftybear/?action=view&current=generalphotos378-1.jpg)

Cassidy forever
11-27-06, 03:38 pm
How many pigs do you have? Great job on the cage!

11-27-06, 04:28 pm
I have 2 piggies. They are brothers called Jellybean and Cuddles.

12-01-06, 12:20 am
Finally finished!!!! The piggies love it, and they are OK with the ramp already.

Thank you so much to all of you for sharing your cages and giving newbies like me idea of what I should be doing. You must be so proud of the site, and the wonderful work you are doing by educating people, like me, how our piggies should be housed/fed and everything in between. I really appreciate it........




12-01-06, 06:59 am
I'm using the bunnings grids and so far the only flaking I have experienced is with my older cubes that have had the connectors attached and removed a few times, and only in the corners. The rest seems fine.