View Full Version : Cosmo, I miss you!

11-13-06, 06:29 pm
On Saturday evening my sweet little Cosmo passed on.

It was totally unexspected as he had polished off his veggies and a big pile of hay in the morning and was snacking on more hay and napping in his favorite spot like the little king he was all afternoon. He seemed so normal. I left to visit my parents, came back and went to the cage to fill the water bottles and there he was.

Even though he was only with us a few short months, I really really miss him.


11-13-06, 07:47 pm
He was a beautiful piggy. I'm so sorry.

RIP Cosmo

11-13-06, 10:18 pm
Dear Carissa, Your story is so much like mine.My sweet little Coco has been gone over a year & the pain is still so raw & fresh!Cosmo is beautiful!Don't you just love their comical expressions?My heart goes out to you.Sometimes I can feel my Coco's spirit around here-still watching over his little brother,Sunshine.Ever feel Cosmo's?

11-14-06, 08:23 pm
Thank you fourbwabbys and Wheekie for your support.

I'm still not used to him being gone. I cleaned and changed the cage design right away so that the girls could use his space (he wasn't neutered so he was living on his own till my vet fund recovered). I have to take a second glance still when I see one of the girls in his part of the cage. I guess I still expect him to be sitting there demanding veggies like usual.

11-15-06, 06:11 am
I am very sorry to hear that! Yep he was beautiful! RIP always!

11-15-06, 06:24 pm
I am ver sorrry carissa.RIP Cosmo