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08-24-04, 08:30 pm
Hi everyone! I'm new and from Indonesia; decided to post here as there is no sub-forum for my country, so I hope no one minds.

I don't have any guinea pigs as of yet, but I'm researching on the things that I may need before I ever get one. So far, I've found food, bedding, and even timothy hay; but couldn't find cube grids and/or coroplast(though the latter may be because I have no idea what they call it here).

Hopefully, someone from Indo reads this and can tell me where I can find these things? I saw cube grids in Clubstore a year ago; but have searched for them there recently and couldn't find any.

Thanks in advance!

Ps: Also, could anyone point me out a Pet shop that ships internationally? Food and bedding choice here is very limited (No Oxbow and/or Carefresh/Aspen in sight); so I'm a bit worried.

08-27-04, 10:04 pm
I'm not from Indonesia but look for someplace near you where they have horses (stables, equestrian centers, polo clubs, etc.) Find out if they can sell you hay and bedding or if they can point you in the direction of their suppliers. The horses use the same stuff that guinea pigs do and buying in bulk is far cheaper.

Sorry, no help with pellets though. However, I've seen some other people post that pellets aren't strictly necessary if they have unlimited hay and get plenty of veggies.

09-29-05, 09:59 pm
Ah, it's been ages (a year, I think?) since I checked back here. Thanks for the help, LiciaMommycott, but I actually found Oxbow Cavy Cuisine and hay (Oxbow and Kaytee) here. For those living in Indo, it's in Groovy Pet Shop in the Kemang area of Jakarta.

I'm currently living with my two happy piggies now. I'd like to try to get hay from equestrian centers, but I might have trouble storing it.

10-31-05, 03:54 pm
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10-31-05, 04:24 pm
you should not post your age on here , the mods strongly advise against it .